Discord members that are regular users often opt for Discord Nitro, the premium subscription model for the platform that offers you a few advanced features than the basic model. However, there are users who want to discontinue or go back to using the free version of Discord. For this purpose, this article includes a guide on how to cancel Discord Nitro in a simple and quick set of steps. In addition, there are a few common queries regarding Discord and its usage that will be answered in a FAQ section after the guide. You can also check the video tutorial to get a better idea about how to cancel Discord Nitro.

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Discord Nitro Subscription – How it works

Before the guide starts, you should be formally introduced to the Nitro version in Discord and what it entails. Just as several different content, media, and social platforms have different versions of their platforms for their users, going from basic to premium, depending upon their individual models, Discord does too.

Discord Nitro allows users to avail several fancy and advanced features within the messaging and streaming platform, including better quality audio content, sharing content files that are larger than 8 MB with up to 100MB high-quality file sharing, high-quality screen sharing, and videos with access to streaming in [email protected], several custom emojis for you, etc. It costs $9.99 to subscribe per month and $99.99 if you directly want to go for an annual subscription, giving you several dollars off as a collective subscription discount.

How to cancel Discord Nitro – Guide 

There are a couple of different methods that you can opt for here, depending upon your choice completely. One is canceling directly and manually through your Discord account on the app, and the other one is through the ‘DoNotPay’ app that you can download for the process.

For people who have gotten their Discord Nitro subscription via Epic Games, you can follow a similar cancellation process before you get charged a fee. Epic Games had an offer of three months Discord Nitro subscription for free, which many people availed. But if you do not delete that subscription before your free month’s end, you will be charged the monthly subscription fee for whatever time you use it forward.

Canceling Nitro manually

Deleting Discord Nitro manually can be done in two easy methods, here’s how you can do it.

  • The first easy method is to simply go to the ‘User Settings’ within your Discord app and find the Discord Nitro tab
  • Here you will have a ‘Your Subscription’ category, and options of ‘Cancel or Switch Plans options’ within in, choose ‘Cancel’ and proceed to move back to free
  • Another method of manually deleting it via your app is to go to the ‘Support’ page on your Discord app, and find ‘Help & Support’
  • After you spot the ‘Submit a request’ option, click on that, now under ‘What can we help you with?’ click ‘Help & Support’ once again
  • Find and tap on ‘Account deletion request’ here
  • Submit the request, and finalize your cancellation process, before you head to Discord for free once again

Canceling Nitro DoNotPay

Another option for those who want to learn how to cancel Discord Nitro subscription, but not via the Discord app, is through the ‘DoNotPay’ app. You will have to download this new app on your phone if you don’t have it already, and for Android, you can use it on the browser. Here’s how it works.

  • After you’ve either downloaded the app or go to the website on the web browser and find the ‘Find Hidden Money’ tab
  • Find the subscriptions you have online, and look for Discord Nitro here
  • When you find it, you will see an option to cancel the subscription, go ahead and click it
  • After you are done with the process, the email associated with your Discord Nitro account will receive a subscription cancellation email to confirm the process

FAQ Section

If you have further questions regarding the Discord Nitro subscription, this FAQ section about the most commonly asked queries will be your friend.

Can Discord Nitro subscription be paused?

If you are wondering whether the Discord Nitro subscription is paused, the answer is absolutely right. Often people are really worried about their paid subscription to a specific service and don’t know how to proceed in one particular direction. This is fueled by the fact that the majority of subscription-based services don’t give you the option to opt for a pause rather than direct cancellation. With Nitro, however, you have the option to pause your paid subscription for a while, go back to your free version of Discord, and resume the subscription when you feel like it again.

How can I get a refund from my Discord Nitro subscription?

After you have started your Discord Nitro subscription you have until a week before you can cancel your subscription and ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with it. After a week has passed, you cannot get a refund by canceling your subscription for the month. You can ask or find further answers on their policy page.

What is the cancelation fee for Discord Nitro?

There is no specific cancellation fee that you get charged when you cancel Discord Nitro. Even if you delete your subscription after the grace period of 7 days, all you lose is the one-month subscription fee you had paid, no added cancellation fee.

This concludes our guide on how to cancel Discord Nitro on your phone and computer with a few quick easy steps before you get charged the full fee or lose your refund.