Are you tired of swiping profiles on your Tinder account? Are you this close to quitting Tinder; then this guide is especially for you: to guide you on how to cancel a Tinder subscription? If you delete the Tinder app from your gadget, it will not cancel your Tinder subscription, so you need to do it the right way.

Tinder app is diversified into Tinder Gold, Tinder Plus and Tinder Platinum and Tinder has a refund policy once a user opts out of its services.

How to cancel a Tinder subscription from iOS?

To cancel a Tinder subscription from an iOS gadget you need to follow simple steps which are as follows:

  • Open setting
  • Now select iTunes and App Store.
  • Click on the link to your Apple ID email.
  • Next, select the option “View Apple ID”.
  • log in to the Apple ID.
  • Click on the tab of manage, written under subscriptions.
  • Select the Tinder icon.
  • Slide the auto-renewal button to turn it “off” or select “Unsubscribe”.

How to cancel the subscription of Tinder Plus/Platinum or Gold from desktop or Mac:

  • Log in to the website of Tinder or Tinder Online
  • Click on the “My profile” tab which is on the top left of the screen.
  • Now select the tab “Manage Account”
  • Disable the option of “Auto Renew” or you can select the option of “Cancel” directly.

How to cancel a Tinder account subscription from Android gadgets?

  • Open the Tinder app with the help of the Google Play Store.
  • Now select “Account” from the menu available on the left-hand of your screen.
  • In your subscriptions search for “Tinder”.
  • From here you can either choose “Cancel” or the option of “Unsubscribe”.
  • Confirm your intention of canceling the Tinder subscription.

If there are any remaining days left in your subscription, then you can continue to use your Tinder account till it is finished. Most of the time, Tinder does not refund if the subscription of the account is canceled before the ending date of the subscription.

The refund policy of Tinder:

The famous dating app may refund back the amount of your subscription if the request has been made within 14 days of the transaction; or if the request is in place of the jurisdiction of the laws.

Tinder users in the states of Connecticut, Arizona, Iowa, California, Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Wisconsin, New York, and Ohio are eligible to cancel their premium subscription without any kind of obligation or penalty until the third business day of the transaction made.

The user can always ask for a refund according to the account they use i.e. Apple ID or Google Play Store Account.

Tinder refund policy on iOS:

To request a Tinder refund on iOS you need to:

  • Open up iTunes
  • Now click on the Apple ID
  • Here you have to select “Purchase History”
  • Choose “Report problem” once you have selected a premium subscription transaction.

Tinder refund policy for Android users and website users:

For Android users, you need to launch a formal request to Tinder regarding the refund from Google Play Store account whereas, for the users of Tinder Online, you need to log on to the website and submit a formal request for the refund.