Shopping what your heart desires from any website has become quite normal. Everything’s online and the profit that e-commerce giants like Amazon are earning prove that they mean serious business. Amazon is worth over $1.5 trillion and has different sellers onboard selling everything from home and gardening tools to clothing and gadgets.

Ever since the pandemic happened, people started relying more on online shopping. So it isn’t a shocker when every once in a while you put in the wrong information in your data form, sometimes your address. It could be a mistake or you just moved houses, or want to surprise someone else with the order you placed. In either of the cases, the deed is now done, so what is it you can really do? Here are a few ways you can remedy that, a guide with pictures to help you change the shipping address to make the process easier for you:

How to change shipping address

One method on how to change the shipping address on Amazon is to change the default delivery address of your account. This is possible for both an existing address in your account or a new address you want to put in. Log in to your account from a desktop or a laptop.

On the top right side of the screen, you will see Accounts and Lists, upon hovering over it you will get a list of options, click on Your Account.

The previous instruction will take you to a similar page as shown in the screenshot below. Click on Your Addresses on this page.

Here you will find a heading Default Shipping Address. If this is the address you want your delivery to reach, you have your correct address. No change is required. If not, only then proceed to the rest of the guide.

In case that your required address is already listed on your account, locate the existing address on the page and click on Set as Default to set it so.

In another case, if you want to enter a completely new address, click on Add address.

It will take you to a very standard form to collect all the necessary information needed. Enter your name, address, and delivery instructions if you have any. After that, click Add address.

Wait for confirmation on whether the new address has been successfully added. Upon confirmation, Set as Default to make your new address the default for all your deliveries. It will show the below result after the process is successfully completed.

After following the procedure, you will get this green signal that will confirm that your address has been changed for all deliveries. Now every following order will include the new address on top of the list and will be added as default for all future orders.

Change address by completing a new order

Now let’s discuss the second method of changing your address on Amazon.

Another method to change your shipping address is to do it while you’re placing a new order. Considering that not everyone who want to modify their address will want to order something else in particular, but it’s just an open option or a hack if you will.

Here’s how to do it.

Select everything you want in your basket and proceed by clicking on the Basket icon on the top right corner of your screen.

It will take you to this checkout page with your order details, including including the payment method. Click on Proceed to Checkout and it will take you to another page where you should be.

If you reach the page shown in the screenshot below, you’re at the right place. Choose a delivery address option that will include all the addresses added to your account. In this list, you will see your default shipping address be highlighted. If you want to switch and select a new one, select another address from the list. On your right, you will see a Use this address button that you can click to change your address.

In case your new address is not included in this list, go towards the end of the page and select Add a new address. Add the address, select ship to this order and you’re done.

Change address for an open order

This is another option you have to change your shipping address on Amazon. In case you recently placed an order and it still shows in Open Orders, you can change the shipping address.

Go to Accounts & Lists, and select Your Orders.

On this page, click Open Orders, if you have any they will be listed here. Here you can easily open any tab of open orders and change your address.

And voila! You’re done. You can easily change the shipping address of your order on Amazon even after placing your order.