Ever since Amazon came up with the personalized gift card idea, it has not been the same. People can buy a gift card depending upon the occasion and delight someone with the perfect gift alternative. For Amazon orders, how to check Amazon gift card balance is a frequently asked question. This guide will help you figure it out.

Much like everything else, the art of gift-giving has also come to some modern touches, and gift cards are one of them. It is not obsolete for sure, but gift cards have really taken over the act of giving someone they like. What better way to give someone something special than to give them an open choice on what they would like to buy? We can say that getting gifts delivered is a thing of the past. This is just one of the many reasons why gift cards are so perfect to give to someone.

Imagine for a minute, you are a shy person, and you really want a rare collector’s edition of your favorite book series. Now you know your birthday is around the corner and people are going to give you some gifts, but you can not really ask for what you want. Imagine how amazing it would be to receive an Amazon gift card to buy whatever you like.

Amazon provides this great option to split the card amount into multiple orders for its users. This is such a great option because you do not have to buy something you don’t want just to meet the card’s balance amount. This happens in a lot of restaurants and stores where you can use the entire card at once and that makes no one happy. Have you ever let go of something and bought something else just so you could use the entire coupon amount at once? It can be really frustrating. The entire joy of getting something for free or as a gift goes to waste.

When you use the gift card for multiple orders, you sometimes end up needing to check the balance you used and what remains. Luckily, Amazon has an easy and convenient way to check your gift card balance through the phone or desktop. Here’s how you do it:

  • Log in to your Amazon account through either phone or desktop
  • In your Amazon account, go to the ‘check gift card balance’ page
  • You will see a ‘Redeem gift card’ option as shown below. Click on that
  • After you put in the gift card number, you will find an option to ‘check gift card balance’.
  • Click on that to check your remaining balance

And that is it. You are all done. That is how easy it is to check your Amazon gift card balance anytime from any device you want. Amazon is known for its advanced technology and amazing customer-oriented operations, from its supply chain to its customer support staff. They make sure to keep their operations easy and fluent for the customers’ satisfaction.