Instagram is an easy way to catch and share moments from around the globe. Follow your friends and relatives to see what they’re up to, and explore accounts from across the globe that share the topics you care about. However, every time you open Instagram and scroll through images, caches of those images are saved on your iPhone. Due to the fact that many applications use caching to improve performance and avoid re-downloading photos and data that you’ve already downloaded, the Instagram cache will develop very big and end up using a significant amount of storage space on your iPhone.

As we all know, the less free room an iOS system has, the slower it performs. And this guide will demonstrate how to clear the Instagram cache on an iPhone in order to free up space on your device. This is extremely useful if your iPhone’s storage capacity is limited, as the Instagram cache can use a significant amount of space.

If you want to know how to clear Instagram cache, below are two methods for you to make it simple:

Method #1: Delete the Instagram Cache Manually

Different for Android devices, since the Android edition of Instagram has a direct “Clear Cache” button inside the Settings section, the iPhone version does not. In iPhone, the Instagram cache is stored in the app’s “Documents and Data” storage, and there is currently no built-in way to delete “Documents and Data”. As a result, we usually have to manually uninstall and reinstall Instagram to clear the cache.

Below are the specific steps to clean Instagram Cache from your device and free up some space:

  • Open the iPhone’s “Settings” application
  • Navigate to “General” and then “iPhone Storage.”
  • Wait for the entirety of the database data to load
  • Scroll down to the app list and locate “Instagram”; next to it, you’ll see the app’s cumulative storage use
  • Select “Instagram”
  • Select “Delete App”
  • By clicking “Delete App,” you will confirm that you want to delete Instagram
  • Now, open the App Store on your iPhone.
  • Locate and re-download the “Instagram” app (via Search or another method)

After reinstalling and redownloading Instagram, you’ll need to log back into your account. Caches will be removed and the app’s overall size will be reduced; you may check this manually by going to the Settings “Storage” and searching for the Instagram app again.

Please keep in mind that the whole procedure of how to clean the Instagram cache needs an Internet connection and that you may need to re-login to your Instagram account until completed.

Instagram seems to be a bit more competitive about caching, regardless of whether you’re using the new update or have a bigger storage capacity on your iPhone. The Instagram data cache has exceeded 1GB on several occasions, but after removing and reinstalling the app as mentioned above, the application cache shrinks to about 80MB. Certainly, if you’ve used Instagram extensively, it can cache additional details, and you will need to replicate the procedure for some time.

Method # 2: Delete the Instagram Cache Completely in a Single Click

Woo, it is such an obnoxious thing to do repeatedly. As a consequence, we take a more straightforward approach. Pantone iOS Eraser is recommended here to assist in deleting Instagram’s storage.

PanFone iOS Eraser is a tool that can automatically remove all these garbage files from your iOS computer, freeing up additional space on your device. Additionally, it allows erasing addresses, texts, call history, video & images, and surfing data with a 0% recovery rate.

Step#1: Download and update the PanFone iOS Eraser on your PC.

Download PanFone iOS Eraser

Step#2: Download and mount PanFone iOS Eraser on your PC.

Step#3: Run the software and pair your iOS gadget with your computer.

Step#4: On the right panel, press “Free Up Space” and tap on “Quick Scan.”

The initial scan will take a few seconds. When the scan is complete, you can see a list of the scan’s results. It displays the amount of storage space used by App Cache, Junk Data, Temporary Files, and so on.

Step#5: Next to “Apps,” “Large Files,” and “Temporary File,” click the “Clean” button. It navigates to the information tab, which displays the “Downloaded Files.”

Step#6: Choose “Clean” and confirm the deletion. All Instagram files downloaded to your iOS device are deleted.

Whenever you feel as if Instagram has taken up a lot of room, you can easily uninstall the Instagram cache using the method outlined above.