If you are wondering how to combine 2 videos on iPhone easily, we bring you the three most commonly used methods to get the job done. When the two videos finally merge, you can copy the video to your iPhone’s photo gallery. You can also open the combined video using the iOS video app or the Videoleap editor. You can even publish it on various websites or post it on your social platforms including YouTube.

How to combine 2 videos on iPhone easily?

There are three methods to combine two iPhone videos.

1. FilmoraGo

Now that you have recorded more than one video on your iPhone, you would want to merge them into one video. You can do it through a video editing application—FilmoraGo. It’s a user-friendly application you can use to create amazing videos on your iPhone. Moreover, this app allows you to add multiple effects to make your video look professional, including background music, motions, text effects, etc.

If you are not sure how to use the app, we have got you covered.

It’s time to learn how to edit and combine your videos with Filmora GO.

First of all, download the app from your Apple store, and to your surprise, it is free. Next, click ‘New Project’ and then select all the videos from your photo gallery that you want to combine. Once done, click ‘Import’ to enter the editing mode. On the editing screen, you will find multiple helpful tools to edit and combine your videos. With these tools, you can crop and combine, add music and do a lot of stuff to make your video appealing.

2. iMovie App

Apart from Filmora Go, the iMovie application is also a perfect app you can use to combine a collection of memorable videos. Let’s learn how to use the iMovie app to combine 2 videos on iPhone.

Ensure that the iMovie app is already installed on your iPhone.

All you have to do is open it and tap the ‘+’ sign. Go to the media library via the menu bar. Select and import the video clips from your photo gallery.

Once you get all the videos to edit, use transitions you want between the videos, and if you want to edit the length, you can do that too. Moreover, if you want to add texts to your video, you can do that by tapping the clips. Once you have completed your editing, click ‘home’. There you will find an option to ‘Share’. You can save the video to your gallery, and you can share it on any of your socials directly.

3. Videoshop

You can also combine videos using Videoshop. It is a great application with which you can merge two videos on iPhone easily. It also allows you to trim videos, resize and cut them, and even play with the color settings. Besides, you can add the background music of your choice. You can also increase and decrease the pace of the videos as well.

If you don’t know how to use the app, follow the steps mentioned below, and enjoy fabulous results.

Install the Videoshop application on your iPhone. Once installation completes, click the ‘+’ sign to start with the new project and add your desired videos from your timeline. Once all the videos appear in your editing timeline, you can now play with the tools and experiment with trims, color settings, motions, etc.

Once editing is done, select ‘Next’. This will take you to the tools, which will help you to put the final touches on your video. It will also help you choose a relevant theme for your final video.

Once you are happy with what you have got, save the video or share it directly on your social media accounts.