Amazon has come far from where it initially started and a lot of its operations have changed and others have been rendered obsolete as the demand for innovation arose. It has moved past just a single seller of its products to acting as a middle platform that bridges the gap between third-party sellers and customers who either do not have their web-based platform or want to utilize Amazon’s customers. The constant updates make it complicated for many customers to navigate how to contact sellers on Amazon. This is a comprehensive step-by-step guide along with screen grabs to help you through the process of contacting sellers.

There’s more than one way you can contact your seller on Amazon. Let’s look at each of those:

Orders Page:

  • Amazon home page has an Orders category on the top right corner of the screen. If there is a query you have about either the product or the procedure and your order is via a third-party seller, you can address your seller via the Orders page. Go to Returns and Orders on your main com page or to Orders on your account’s main home page. It will take you to your list of orders, go to the one you have a query with.
  • In case you’re logged in with the Amazon Prime phone application, you’ll find Your Orders page by clicking on the menu on the top left corner of your main home screen.
    • Remember you can only do this if your order has not been shipped yet. In case it is still in pending mode, upon clicking on the order you’re concerned with, you will get a list of options that will include Get help with order or Problem with the order.
    • In case the seller handles their shipping, you will be able to access the Get help with your order button, not in the case if Amazon deals with your seller’s shipping process. In such cases, Amazon itself might be able to help you with your problem without getting in touch with the seller. In any other case, the support staff at Amazon helps you get in touch with your seller.
    • In case that your order has been shipped by either party and due to your complaint/problem with the order, you want to return/exchange the order, there will be a ‘Return or replace items’ button for you. Amazon will reach you if it is handling the shipping or help you access your seller in case the process is handled by your seller.
  • In case you want to leave feedback for your seller, you can view and click on the Leave seller feedback This mostly happens in case you have already received your order and want to leave good/bad feedback about your overall experience. You can also share your comments or give ratings to the seller. There’s a 90-day limit after the date of your order for you to leave feedback to your seller.

Product Listing Page: 

  • When you search for a product, it takes you to the product listings page, you can reach the seller from their listings page as well. Upon searching for a product, click the product link you are looking for, and it will take you to the product listing. ‘
  • If your seller has a storefront on Amazon, you can also reach their product listing page over there.
  • Once you’re on the product page, you will see the seller’s name under the product where it states ‘sold by.When you’re on the product page, you will find a list of options including Add to Cart and Buy now to the seller’s address where you can reach them. Under Sold by you will find the seller’s name with a link where you can access their information and how or where to contact them.
  • In case you are doing this through Amazon’s app, you will find this link at the bottom of the product page.
  • On the seller’s page, you will find a prominent button saying Ask a question. This will help you send a direct message to your seller through Amazon. This button is available to you on top of the seller information page, on both desktop and phone apps.
    • Usually, Amazon facilitates its buyers as well as sellers. Upon clicking on the Ask a question button on your seller’s page, you will see an option to select a Subject. You can find various options here for the queries you have, choose the closest category of the query to your question in the subject box.
    • This will also give you options in case you want to ask your seller something about a product they’re selling and you’re interested in, or in case you have already placed an order.
    • Product customization, wrapping shipping, refund policies, warranty all are parts of the subject choices you have.
  • After you select a subject for your question, you will be taken to another page to state your inquiry in detail. Make sure you fill this thoroughly to make yourself clear to your seller, include the product name, order number if you have one, your request/complaint, and any other relevant information you think is important for the seller to know.
  • The textbox will have a 4000 character limit for your comments, in case you are using the app, the comment box will show on the same page as the menu you accessed.
  • If you are using a web browser to register your complaint/query, you get the option to attach a picture with your comment to better illustrate your point.
  • As soon as you finish with your comment or question, click on the Send e-mail button below your comment box on the same page. This confirmation will let Amazon know you need your message delivered to the seller. You will also receive a copy of your message to the email address registered with Amazon.
  • Your email address will stay hidden from the seller for privacy concerns, instead, the email will reach the seller from an address.
  • In case you don’t get a response from your seller in 2 business days, you are liable to send another message again. Additionally, if they do not respond at all to your query that is urgent or requires a solution, you can take the issue up to Amazon via their A-to-Z guarantee service.

 Buyer-Seller messages:

  • On Amazon’s main homepage, go to Your Account If you have previously connected with your seller via the buyer/seller communication box, you can just continue where you left off.
  • On the main homepage of your account, go to Accounts and lists on the top right corner of the screen. From the list of options, you’ll see Account, click on that.
  • If you’re using the app for this procedure, you will find the drop-down menu at the top left corner of your screen. Under Your lists, you will find Account above the Shop by department
  • On the Account page, you will find a list/option of actions, find Communication and content in that list. It will include many different actionable items regarding your communication and/or notification settings.
  • In case you are using Amazon Prime’s app, you will find the same on the Message center header by scrolling down on your my account page.
  • Under the Communication and content main heading, you will find an option for Messages from Amazon and sellers. When you click this, you will reach an inbox of sorts, containing all your past communications with any third-party seller or Amazon itself.
  • In the Amazon Prime app, you will find the same messages heading under the Message center
  • At the top of your messages in the inbox, there will be a tab called Buyer/Seller messages. If you want to access your messages with third-party sellers only, click on this tab.
  • In the Amazon Prime app, you will see all All Messages, Buyer/Seller Messages, and Sent Messages at the same time.
  • In this list of messages, you can easily find out the seller you want to communicate with, go to their message box, it will have any conversation you had with them before, including Amazon’s buyer/seller policies.
  • At the top of the page on the conversation, you will find a Reply Write and submit whatever you want to communicate with your seller.
  • Your privacy is maintained by Amazon, the character limit is the same i.e. 4000 and you can send attachments with your query.

And that’s all the ways you can reach your Amazon seller via the Amazon website or app. Try any of these methods to lodge your complaint or leave a query for any product you want and hope this answers your question on how to contact a seller on Amazon.