As a rule, social media sites promote and try to make as much collective sharing and communication possible as they can. As one of the biggest social media sites of this time, Instagram is no exception, as they enable any and every form of collective or group interaction they can, this is why they have a private group feature on the app/website. However many do not know how to use it, which is why this article will teach you how to create the group on Instagram.

Previously, we have addressed several queries regarding Instagram, more especially on ‘how to see someones private Instagram’, ‘how to delete someones Instagram’, and ‘how to clear Instagram cache’. Because the next commonly asked question was about how you as a common user can create a group to share things you like on the platform with your buddies. We are addressing that question now, in addition to several other queries below.

How to create group in Instagram?

If we think about the features available to users on Instagram, there are hardly any common social media features that Instagram has not introduced for its users ever since its inception. From long format videos taken from YouTube, short-form videos taken from TikTok, stories taken from Snapchat, and several private chat features taken from WhatsApp and other private chat apps, barring text-based status like in Twitter, there’s hardly any feature that you would not be able to find here.

This is why group chats mean a lot in an app such as Instagram. It has one of the most commonly used apps, content here comes easy and it is accessible to a large number of people. Having a group chat enables you to have a private conversation where you can send multiple types of media to a group of people without having to post it for the general public. Here are the steps you should follow to create a group on Instagram.

  • Go to your main page, if you do not have an app in your phone yet for any reason, download it and log in to your account first
  • From the main home page, you will be able to find the DM arrow that holds all your private conversations in the top right corner. If you have no private conversations, it will take you to an empty corner
  • Here, you will find a pencil and page lookalike icons, it’s to initiate the process to make a group, click on that.
  • This will take you to your list of friends on Instagram, or people you follow as Instagram does not have the regular friend feature. Select any number of people equal to or above 2 that you want to create a group with.
  • Now you can decide whatever you want to send to that group of people by clicking on the ‘Chat’ button on the right corner after selecting people, it will not send it to them separately but in a group
  • Naming the group is your choice, if you leave it without naming, the usernames of people within the group will appear at the place of the group’s name
  • Instagram gives you the option to send snaps, use the camera and even write your own message/caption of sorts even if you are sharing a post within the group
  • This is it. For future use, all you have to do it, find this group chat and send whatever you heart desires

How to add people in an Instagram group?

In case you are a special fellow who missed out on adding a few of your mates to a group, or you made a new friend and want them to be a part of that group of yours, after ‘how to create a group in Instagram’, here’s how you can add someone to an already made Instagram group.

  • Go to your dms once again from your main profile and find the group you are looking to add a person to. If you have not named the group yet, just find it through the username of one of the people who are already in it
  • After finding the group chat, once again click on the group profile name or collective usernames that show instead of the name if it doesn’t have a name yet, you will be taken to ‘Group profile, Media and Members list’ here
  • Click on ‘members list’ here and find the list of those already added. Here you will find an option to ‘Add friends’, make sure the person you want to add to a chat is already in your followers/following
  • Make sure you are aware that it still asks for people’s permission before fully adding them to a group. Once the person you added in a group accepts the invitation, you can chat there easily

You can follow a more or less similar procedure to remove someone from a group as well, all you have to do is find and click on ‘Remove friends’ from within the group profile you find. It will show you a list of people in the group, you can select whoever you want to remove from here.

How to video call in an Instagram group?

For those who do not like to explore a little bit of the platforms on their own, you might not know that the video call feature introduced by Instagram works just as well for groups as it does for one-on-one video calls or chats. Your max number of members in a group allowed to call together are four, apart from that no other kind of restriction that applies to multiple video calling apps, applies here. You can use the feature to your ease, here’s how you do it.

  • Open the Instagram app on your phone, and go to your private messages or DMs
  • Find whatever chat whether private or group you want to have a video call in, and tap on it
  • Granted that your app is properly updated according to the most recent update, after tapping in your desired group chat, you will be able to see the feature to ‘Video Call‘ on the top right corner
  • After you click that, it will start the call immediately and your friends will receive a notification about it that they can choose to accept or ignore, just as all calls
  • Within the video call, you have plenty of options to go through and use your Instagram app as you choose to do so, all you have to do is ‘minimize’ the video screen. After you have the video call screen as a small window, you can continue using Instagram as you normally do
  • There are also options to disable either video or audio, for a time being or until the call lasts, depending upon your preference
  • The option to call within a group of more than four people still exists, you will just have to pick the four members you want to include in the call from within that particular group

The only thing of notice here is that you cannot add someone in the group once you are mid-call, you will either have to cancel it or wait until later when the call has come to an end.

How to leave an Instagram group chat?

There can be several dramatic and some very course-of-life type reasons behind you wanting to leave a group chat on Instagram, but it is indeed possible. Instead of joining or adding someone in a group, sometimes it is more urgent for people to learn how they can leave one. Platforms such as Instagram have come very far from their early days which is why you have plenty of options to choose from when you get added to a group. If you are not getting any value from a group, you can leave it and instead make sure you are part of groups that add value or are fun for you at least. Here’s how you can leave a group chat on Instagram.

  • Go to your private messages or DM from your main profile, here find and go to the chat that you want to leave permanently
  • Enter the group profile from the main title and/or names of the members in the place of your group name
  • Here you will find a list of options and menus you can explore further, scroll down completely and you will the option to ‘Leave group’
  • Upon clicking that option, you will get another question asking to confirm whether you are sure about leaving the group. Click ‘Yes’ if you are sure about leaving
  • You will be removed from the group immediately after this. If you still want to access the chat you’ve had with the group previously, it will still be present in your private messages until you decide to clear or delete the entire chat on your own

In case, you specifically want to be left alone from being a part of random groups that people tend to add you in without any relation, you can do so from your settings. Start with finding ‘Privacy and Security from your main Instagram home page’s settings. Here you will find an option within  ‘Who can add me to groups?’ Here the choice is yours to make between ‘No one’, ‘Friends’ and ‘Anyone’. If you want to restrict everyone from adding you into groups you can choose ‘No one’ and if you want to keep it till your friends, you still have an option left.

This closes our guide on ‘how to create a group in Instagram’, with a little extra helpful FAQs commonly asked by people. It is easy to navigate these websites and platforms now as things have become increasingly user-friendly, but it does not hurt to guide those who might need help going around it the first time.