Youtube has become a powerful app that not only provides entertainment to its audience, but it also allows its audience to become content creators and earn a handsome living out of it. With an increasing number of content creators, not all are authentic and real, some of them are spam and fraud that steal others copyrighted material and post it as theirs.

To curb all of these issues, Youtube started terminating accounts that it deemed were not following the given terms and conditions. While this decision was to promote real and authentic content creators, due to AI, sometimes Youtube terminates accounts of the authentic content creators as well. If you have also been a victim of this error, then don’t worry because in this article we will guide you on how to create Youtube channel after terminated and answer some of the frequently asked questions regarding the matter as well.

When you receive an email from Youtube saying that your channel is terminated, the first thing that you would ask yourself would be the WHY. Youtube has a few guidelines that all the content creators on the platform must adhere to, otherwise, their accounts will face suspension and then termination.

Before we discuss how to create Youtube channel after termination, let us tell you what termination means and what could be the probable reasons for this harsh action.

Youtube Channel Termination

Youtube channel termination means that your account has been suspended or banned and your channel has been removed. This removal also means that all your earnings will be gone too. This usually occurs when Youtube sees any content that violates Google policies or Youtube’s community guidelines.

Why was your Youtube channel terminated?

There are two types of violations that lead to suspension or Youtube channel termination.

  1. Violation of community guidelines and terms, three strikes for violating community guidelines, or other issues like trademark, privacy, etc.
  2. Repeated copyright violations.

Your Youtube channel could be terminated due to either reason and when you receive a termination email from Youtube, they would have mentioned on what basis they have taken their decision. When you apply for an appeal you’ll have to be very careful about how you format your appeal because for both types of violations, you’ll have to form different types of appeal. To know about the types of violations in detail, find this guide useful.

Another question that one might wonder is what would happen to all the content that is on your Youtube channel if your channel is terminated.

What happens to other Youtube channels?

Before Youtube had only one channel policy, however, later it brought some changes in its policy, which allowed the user to have 50 channels under one account. For instance, if you have more than one channel, all your other channels will also get terminated. However, this happens only if Youtube finds out that the other channel is also run by the same user. If these channels are not terminated immediately after the terminated channel, then it will happen sooner or later. However, if you play smart and Youtube is not able to link your accounts, you may become safe for some time, but all the remaining active channels will become a ticking bomb, that can be terminated anytime, therefore, taking the right action immediately after termination is important.

Now that you are aware of how severe your Youtube channel termination may get, let’s discuss what to do if you get an email from Youtube stating that your channel is terminated.

Plan of action to create Youtube after terminated

Step 1 is to see on what basis has Youtube terminated your channel

Note that apart from the email that you will receive from Youtube, they won’t give you any details, so you’ll have to figure out what might have gone wrong. Read and re-read the e-mail thoroughly and jot down pointers. Once you figure out the possibilities on which the Youtube team may have terminated your channel, then go to the next step.

Step 2 is to file and write a thorough appeal

When you are structuring your defense, make sure you don’t leave any loose hands. The thorough and straightforward you are, the better it is. But before you start writing your appeal, you will need to fill out this Youtube official form to make an appeal. Moreover, ensure to follow Youtube’s guidelines to fill the appeal form and provide specific information. When you will be filling the appeal form, you will be asked for your CHannel ID. Don’t confuse it with your channel URL. In case, you don’t know your Channel ID, you can find it either through your search history, by Googling your channel and extracting it from Cached URLs, or by using Google Account Settings guidelines.

If you wish to find your Channel Id via Google Account settings, follow the steps below.

First, open Youtube and sign in.

Next, click on your profile picture at the top right corner of your screen, and tap on “Settings” on the scroll-down menu.

Lastly, select “Advanced Settings,” here you will find your Channel ID and User ID.

Once you have completed the form after adhering to the given guidelines and have found your Channel ID, it’s time for you to type out your appeal.

While writing your appeal, you have to make sure that it is no more than 1000 characters. This is why you will have to be to the point and specific while putting all the necessary information that would strengthen your appeal.

To write an appeal you can use two formats depending on your situation and the reason on which Youtube has terminated your channel.

Either you deny all the allegations that Youtube has put on you and put forward your argument that this termination is a complete error and you have done nothing to violate the rules and regulations of Google terms and services or Youtube community guidelines and it must be reviewed by a human. Or you can accept your mistake humbly and pledge to do better in the future and would do your best to produce content that adheres to the Google terms and services and Youtube community guidelines.

However, whatever way you choose to write your appeal, you must make sure that your choice of option perfectly represents your situation.

Once you write and send your appeal, we suggest you don’t just wait for the answer. While your response is pending, you start taking some precautionary action.

Step 3 is to type an email to creator support and use the power of social media

If you had a large channel, then you might have access to the creator support team. Although they cannot override Google’s review and moderation team’s decision, they can surely ensure that your appeal has been filed and is being reviewed by a human being and not an AI algorithm. Moreover, be patient with those guys because at this moment they are someone who can make or break the game.

Apart from contacting creator support, make a post and post it on Youtube support forums. Make a thorough post, where you discuss your channel and how you were innocent. The main goal here is to get the attention of anyone who could add value to your appeal. Previously many have done it and have been successful. You must not leave any stone unturned if you want to get back your channel.

Another most used application Twitter can also come in handy. Tag @TeamYoutube in a post and put forward your view on your channel’s termination. It’s not that the Youtube Twitter team would do anything, but it can surely add value to your appeal. Don’t just tag Youtube on a post and leave, instead, ask your subscribers, your followers, and your family and friends to re-tweet.

Step 4 is to post about your channel’s termination on your website.

Having a website is exceptionally important for a business. If you are a content creator, you must have your own domain name. It not only adds to your authenticity, but it is also proof that you have your own audience, and being on any social platform means that you bring your audience to those platforms.

So if you have a website, make a few posts and upload them on your site and show Youtube that you already have a huge fan base. And Youtube is a platform that gets its traffic through the traffic of content creators, which is why they would not want you to go away like that, which adds value to your appeal at the end of the day.

Apart from that, you can use other social handles as well to make your voice heard. This was all from us on how to create Youtube channel after terminated. We hope that this mini-guide might come in handy and was a useful piece of information. Moreover, we previously covered how to make money on Youtube videos and what is a highlighted comment on Youtube. If you haven’t checked them out yet, do give them a read.