Do you want to delete an application from your iPhone? Isn’t that app visible to you on your home screen? You must be wondering how to delete that app when it is not visible to you. Do not worry when we are here for you. We have prepared this guide for you that explains how to delete a hidden app on iPhone.

This guide explains different methods that will let you delete a hidden application from your iPhone. No doubt, deleting an application saves a lot of storage space on your mobile device. Moreover, it also enhances the performance of your phone when some storage space is cleared.

Methods to delete a Hidden Application

There are different methods available that could help you in deleting a hidden application in your iPad or iPhone. If you want to know how to delete a hidden app on iPhone, you must review this section.

Using Spotlight

If you are concerned about how to delete apps on iPhone that are hidden, let us tell you that you can use Spotlight for deleting such applications on Apple devices. You must be wondering what Spotlight is and how to use it.

Let us tell you that Spotlight Search is a feature available on Apple devices that helps you find a hidden application in your device. So, you can search any app here and delete it. For completing this procedure, you first need to swipe down on your Home Screen and type the name of the application you want to delete.

When you find the app, you need to press the application’s icon for a long time. You will be provided with different options, you need to select “Delete App” among all the other options. Next, tap on “Delete” and the hidden application will be deleted.

Using App Library

Do you want to know how to delete apps on your iPhone? Let us tell you that you can use the App Library for this purpose. App Library plays a vital role in finding the hidden applications in your iPhone so that you could use them or delete them if they are not in use so that you could save some storage space in your mobile device.

For deleting your application using App Library, you need to swipe left and open the Home Screen. You will reach the App Library there and will get to see that there are a lot of applications inside in proper categories. You should find the one that you want to delete. Long-press that application’s icon and delete

Using iPhone Settings

You can delete a hidden application of your iPhone using iPhone Settings. It is not a time-consuming task to perform, it just takes a few steps to complete this task. You might know that the Setting application consists of all the applications installed on your mobile device.

You need to open your iPhone Setting and tap the General option. You will find different options there such as Software update, About, iPhone Storage, etc. You need to tap on iPhone Storage. It will take some time to display all the applications present on your iPhone.

When you see all the applications displayed, you need to find your desired application from the list. You can also search for that application from the search bar available at the top right corner of the iPhone Storage section. Tap on the application name, tap on the Delete App option, and confirm it to complete the procedure.

Using App Store

The easiest method to delete a hidden application is by using the App Store. You just need to search the name of the application in the search bar of the App Store and when the application is displayed to you, you can simply delete it. But for this purpose, you must know the name of the application you want to delete.

You need to follow a simple procedure for deleting an application using the App Store. When you open the App Store on your iPhone, you need to tap on your profile picture. You will be displayed with your account information. There you can see the option of Updates so you need to select it.

When tapping on the Updates option, you need to scroll down and find the application you want to delete. If you do not find that application, you should refresh the screen. When you find your desired application under the “Available Updates” section, you need to swipe left on that application’s name and delete it.


Do you need to pay for deleting hidden apps on your iPhone?

No, it does not cost any money for deleting hidden apps on your iPhone. You just need to know about the right techniques to use for this purpose instead of going to an expert and paying him.

How to find a hidden app on an iPhone?

In iPhone, a hidden app can be found using App Library, iPhone Settings, and Spotlight.

How to delete an application on an iPhone?

You need to long-press the application icon in your iPhone to delete it permanently.

Why do you need to delete an application from your iPhone?

You need to delete an application from your iPhone when it is not in use. Many people delete the applications to save some storage space on their iPhones. 


You can delete a hidden application on your iPhone very easily. You just need to follow some easy and common steps for completing this task. Many people delete these apps so that they could save some storage space in the iPhone because many iPhone users face the issue of low storage space. So, you need to find the hidden application first and then delete it easily by using the long-press method.

It does not take a lot of time to find a hidden application and delete it. Moreover, you also do not need technical knowledge to perform this task. Thus, it can be done by anyone who knows how to use an iPhone.