If you are here to look for how to delete an address on Amazon, you must be a really good friend. Now you are trying to make sense out of it. Well, either you send lots of gifts to your friends or help them source stuff from Amazon. Either way, you are doing a great job as a friend. However, those unwanted addresses cluttering up your listing can be very frustrating. Like, imagine digging out your own address while ordering something for yourself.

Lucky you, you got us. We have come up with a ‘how to delete address on Amazon’ guide to clear those unwanted addresses from your list to make your life easier. Follow through the guide and you will have tips on your fingertips.

How to delete an address on Amazon on Desktop?

For those who find PC convenient to use Amazon, this one is for them. They can easily carry out the process if they have Linux, Chromebook, Windows or Mac.

On your chosen web browser, launch Amazon’s website. Log into your account by entering your credentials.

Once you open your Amazon account, click on “Account and List” on the top right corner of your screen. A sub-menu will pop up.

In the list-down options, select “Account” under the “Your Account” section.

A new page will open. Scroll down to find “Ordering and Shopping Preferences”. Click “Your Addresses” from the list-down options.

On that page, all your saved addresses will appear. Now find the addresses you want to delete/remove from your list. When you click on it, select “Remove” at the bottom of that particular address.

Tip: Here, you can also edit the address if you previously noted it wrong.

A menu will pop up for confirmation, “Confirm Removal”, click “Yes” to confirm the deletion.

Warning: Click the “Confirm Removal” option carefully as there will be no further prompts appearing to confirm.

After doing so, an “Address Removed” prompt will appear to confirm that your selected address has been deleted successfully.

Congratulations! You have cleared up your address list.

How to delete an address on Amazon on its App?

If you find the app convenient for placing orders on Amazon, this one is for you. You can perform this on your phone, iPad, or any Android device.

First, head to Amazon’s app on your phone and sign in by entering your account information.

Find the user icon at the bottom of your screen and tap on it.

After that, click on the “Your Account” option at the top of your opened page.

In the “Your Account” settings, scroll down and tap “Your Addresses”.

Once you have opened the “Your Addresses” page, you can view all your saved addresses on the Amazon app to date.

Now tap on the address you want to delete and select “Remove” underneath the address.

A “Confirm Removal” prompt will appear, tap “Yes” to confirm the removal.

There you go! You have done it. Enjoy!


Can you change your Amazon order info?

Fortunately, you can edit payment methods, shipping address, and more by going into “Your Orders” in the “Your Account” section. This could only happen if your order hasn’t entered the shipment.

Important: It is important to learn that you cannot change or edit the orders once it has entered the shipping process. However, if you are unable to do so, see Undeliverable Packages. Also, contact your seller to change the shipping address of the item you have bought from them if it hasn’t entered the shipment process. They might ask you to cancel the order and re-order again.

Follow the steps to change your information:

  • Head to “Your Orders”
  • Select the order you want to edit information of.
  • Select “Change” beside the detail you want to edit on the order information page. It could be anything, payment method, shipping address or gift options)
  • Now a set of instructions will appear on your screen. Follow them to change or edit your desired information.

 Here is how you can track your order when your package takes too long to deliver.

Can you update your cart after placing an order?

Once you have clicked the “Place Order” option, you cannot add more items to it. However, you can place another order from the same seller again.

If you want to order by redeeming your Amazon gift card, check out here how you can do so.

How to make Amazon orders arrive together?

If you are using the Amazon website, then head to the page “Review Items and Shipping,” or if you are on the app then it will show as “Shipment Details”. Once you click on it, search the “Free Amazon Day Delivery” option. Below that option, select “Change Delivery Day.” now you can set the same delivery dates for the orders you want to arrive together. Find out here if Amazon delivers orders on Sunday.

Can sellers on Amazon combine shipping?

When you buy different category products from the same seller, they will automatically combine all your orders in one shipment.

How to receive a package without giving your address?

There are several ways by which you can escape the home delivery process. For instance, you can opt for a package locker system in which you ask the seller to deliver the package to a locker that you find convenient. Secondly, you can sign up for PO box delivery. It works somewhat similar to a package locker. Lastly, you can ask your friend to provide their address for shipment and retrieve it from there whenever it is convenient for you.

How to remove address from Google?

Even though you don’t manage the location, you can get it removed by requesting the operators.

  • Open Google maps.
  • Search for the location you want to get off the map
  • Go to “Suggest an Edit” by making a left-click.
  • Click “remove” or close and follow the instructions that appear before you.
  • Click submit

How to remove your name from Google maps address?

Head to “Whitepages.com” and search for your information. Copy the URL from the browser once you find your information or profile. Now paste that URL into the website’s box on its page and select opt-out. Also, you can tap the “click here to submit a report request” option to get your information removed.


So that was your ‘how to delete address on Amazon’ guide. Now, head to your account and get rid of those unnecessary shipment addresses, and clean it up so that next time you order, you won’t have to dig for your own address.