Google Voice is a great smart voice calling option that enables people to connect with others from anywhere they want. It enables calling on the web, as well as with the smartphone, using a number. That number is subject to change due to various reasons, and that’s what this article will be focusing on today.

People wonder about Google Voice, its usage, how to delete Google Voice numbers, among many other queries. We will be answering all those and more related questions about Google Voice in this article.

How does Google Voice work?

People already use many Google products in their daily tasks, including online work-related tools such as Google Sheets, Google docs, Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Meet only to name a few. While most of these services are free, there are many services Google offers that are a touch ahead from basic and they require a paid subscription. Google Voice is one such service that lets you keep in contact through your number from any device that is handy.

It also solves the problem of carrying one particular device everywhere or being restricted to a location as well. There are some particulars for using Google Voice and even if you want to move ahead from it. For residents in the U.S, the feature to choose your own number is also available. If you are using Google Voice for business purposes, your organization can assign you a number as well. The service allows you to send calls, texts, and voice messages from any portable device or web browser.

There are even some additional features you can also avail when you opt for Google Voice, including:

  • Call people in and outside your organization if you have a work account
  • Block any unwanted callers you prefer not to talk with
  • Avoid messages and calls from numbers that are spamming your number
  • Get transcripts for your voicemails in case you miss an important work call, so you can go through them on your phone without having to hear it
  • Screen calls and builds restrictions against numbers before answering

There are selected countries around the world where Google offers this service, but you can also contact the support page to answer any query you may have regarding the feature. It works with most operating systems, and a great thing is, it works with search engines other than Google as well. Therefore, you don’t necessarily have to use Google as your primary search engine to use Google Voice, whether for yourself or for work. Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge are among other browsers it is compatible with, in addition to Google Chrome itself.

How is Google Voice for work different from Google Voice for personal use?

It is important to know how accessing and working with features that are exclusive also have many limitations. For example, Google Voice can be set up easily but it works differently for your personal use and office or school use. Since you need a google email account to use most Google services if your email is set up by your organization, i.e. your administrator, it will have to set up Google Voice for you.

Using work or school email, you cannot set up your own Google Voice account. Administration approval is important to have Google Voice with an organization’s email address. Something important for registering on Google Voice, in any case, is a service address. You cannot set up your Google Voice without a service address, whether on your own or for work. Therefore, when you sign up via an administrator, the organization puts in a service address for you when they are registering for Voice on Google. Similarly, you will need to add your own service address when registering for yourself.

How to delete messages on Google Voice?

Before we get into learning how to delete Google Voice numbers, there is more you should know about deleting messages from your Google Voice service. If you have texts, voice mails, and call logs in your inbox, deleting your Voice number will not delete that record. If you don’t want a record to stay behind after deleting or changing your Voice number, make sure you deal with the messages inside your inbox beforehand.

You can do whatever suits best to you, there are options to archive as well as delete. For archiving the process is just as simple as it would be for deleting, once you archive a conversation it will stay hidden unless your conversation has a new message. Deleting conversations, whether it’s one message or the entire chat, is easy as you can simply click on the menu or options part on any chat and go ahead deleting the chat/message.

For call log or history, however, you will have to specifically venture into settings. In your Google Voice, go to settings and under ‘Calls’, click on ‘Remove call history. Confirm by clicking on ‘Remove’. Restart your app for an updated history after deleting the logs that you wanted going. The process can take longer if you are going for individual calls, it depends upon your specific data and record.

For archiving, all you have to do is go to the specific voice mails, texts, or calls you to want to hide/archive. Click on the option dots beside the specific one you want to archive, and select ‘Archive’. If you want to restore previously archived data, you can do so easily as well. There is an easy ‘Archive’ option you can find from the main menu, all you have to do is go to that list of archived records and find the one that you want to restore. Select the one you want back in your inbox, one or multiple, and on the top click on ‘Restore’.

How to delete your Google Voice number?

Finally, here is what you need to learn about deleting your Google Voice number. Since there is no restriction to choosing older numbers, after someone deletes their Google Voice number, it is available for others to use after a grace period of 90 days. If there has been a mistake or you change your mind a few days or weeks after you delete the Voice number, there is a lengthy optional time period that lets you ponder on your decision in case you want to reclaim your number back. After that grace period ends, however, the number is available for other users of Voice to claim if you stay with your original decision.

You can access your deleted number by going to the main menu on Google Voice, and selecting ‘ Legacy Google Voice’. The option to ‘Get your old number back’ will be available here on your left. Apart from that, it’s important to know that you cannot delete your number if you use it with Sprint and if you have applied to transfer it. Make sure you are aware of all this relevant information important to the process before deleting the number.

Here’s the process to follow if you want to delete the Google Voice number:

  • On your Voice account, go to settings from the main page, from the menu bar
  • You need to ensure you remove Google voicemail for all linked numbers
  • Go to your Voicemail and next to the linked number(s), turn ‘Get voicemail via message’ off, via unchecking the box beside it
  • After that, all you have to do is go to ‘Account’ from the left, under your Google Voice number, click on ‘Delete’
  • If Google Voice looks different at this point, it’s because you are successful following the procedure. Finally, click on ‘Proceed’ after hitting delete on the Google Voice number and the number will be deleted

This was all about how to delete Google Voice numbers, including things you need to know before and after deleting both. For example, you should know before deleting, that your inbox will still have conversations and voice mails you haven’t deleted, even after you delete your number. And similarly, having the choice to revert your decision about deleting for 90 days after you have deleted is also available to you.

In either scenario, it helps to know what features and options are available to you and you can opt for. If you find any specific issues, make sure you go look for country-specific guides by Google itself for a clearer understanding.