You can unsubscribe from your Netflix account and delete your profile at any time. But unsubscribing is important before deleting your profile. When you directly delete your profile without unsubscribing your account, your billing process will not stop and you will still receive a bill.

If that is the case, then how to delete a Netflix profile properly and completely?

It can be done either through the Netflix website or if you are an Apple user and have subscribed through iTunes you can cancel it through iTunes on your iPhone as well.

Subscription processes are easy to complete but when it comes to unsubscribing your account, most people face problems and some delete their profile without unsubscribing and are billed again.

In the case of Netflix, it’s pretty easy to unsubscribe. The thing you have to avoid is deleting your profile only because the subscription has nothing to do with deleting your profile. You will be billed if you fail to unsubscribe. 

Unsubscribing through a web browser

To complete this process from the Netflix website, follow the steps mentioned below:

Open your web browser, type, and open the website.

You will see an arrow pointing downward on the top right side of the page. Click on that and you will see several options. Click on ‘account’.

 A new page will open and you will see an option ‘cancel membership’ right below ‘membership and billing’. Click on that and confirm your cancellation.

Also ‘cancel DVD plan’ if you have one and confirm the cancellation.

If you don’t see such options then you might have subscribed through a third party either from iTunes or any other party. For this, you have to contact the particular party and ask them to unsubscribe and you will be ready to go.

How to unsubscribe using Apple’s App Store or iTunes?

To complete the process from your Apple App Store or iTunes, follow the steps mentioned below:

Open the ‘settings’ from your mobile and look for an option ‘iTunes and App Store’. Open it up when you see it.

Look for ID options and go to your Apple ID. You will find an option of ‘subscription’. Click it.

When you open the subscriptions, you must see an option of Netflix if you have subscribed to it.

Here you will have an option to cancel the subscriptions and confirm the cancellation process.

By doing this, your problem would be solved. You can unsubscribe from the iPad and iPhone. Now you can delete your entire profile without the fear of being billed again.