There comes a time after being on a social media app or website for a while, when it’s either time to move on, switch to another option or leave the platform altogether. If you are a Reddit user who is going through this phase, no matter your reason, you can delete and remove your Reddit identity/account in a few easy steps. This article includes a guide on how to delete Reddit account on iPhone, but first, you need to know a few basics about Reddit and its features.

Disabling vs Deactivating

Users are often unaware when making a Reddit account, that the platform does not give you the option to temporarily disable your account if you want to take a break. Several other social media platforms do, but Reddit only works in the two extremes of either having an account or not. There is no middle ground of temporarily disabling your account for a while, and later reviving it as you please.

This means your only option to move away from the platform, in any case, is to delete or deactivate your account on Reddit. Once you delete your account, all your information and data associated with the account, along with your username will be gone, except for your account activity. You should know this before deleting your account too, that your comments and posts on the website will remain even after you have deleted your Reddit account. Therefore, if you want to completely dissociate yourself from your Reddit account, you will have to delete your posts and comments before deactivating your account.

Reddit App vs Reddit On Browse

Since people have different preferences in terms of their usage, several different social media, blogging, and other similar platforms are available on multiple different formats. Mainly two, as a website on the web browser, and as an app that you can download on your phone or tablet and use with ease. And people do, most of the social media applications are, the majority of the time, used on smartphones instead of on the browser in a computer.

Deleting an account on a majority of the platforms requires you to use the web browser so you can comprehend things as clearly as possible. This means even if you have the app in your phone, from where you regularly use that app, it is preferable for you to either open your account on your laptop device or use your phone’s web browser and log in over there, in order to proceed to delete your account. However, you can still delete the account from both your internet browser and your phone app, as you please.

Deleting Reddit Activity

When leaving a platform or website, a lot of people prefer to not have their previous activities on the platform show after they have deleted their account. For this to happen when you delete your Reddit account, you have to delete all your comments and posts manually, before you move ahead to delete the account.

This process is also an easy one, albeit a little hectic if you have a long history of posting on the app and you want it all gone. All you have to do is go to your main profile on Reddit and go to either the Comments or Posts section, whichever you want to delete first. Beside each unit, you will see three dots that will give you some options in regards to that comment or post, click on that and you will find the option to delete.

How to delete Reddit account on iPhone 

Moving on, once you have made the decision to delete your Reddit account once and for all, you can proceed with this part of the process. Here’s how you can delete your Reddit account on both browser and in-app.

Web Browser

  • Start by going to the Reddit website on your web browser, and logging in
  • After you are logged in, click on your username or the three menu lines at the top right corner of the main Reddit page on the browser
  • It will give you a long list of menu options to go through, within Settings you will find an option for ‘User Settings’ or ‘Account Settings, click on either of them
  • Within Account settings, you will find the option to ‘Deactivate Account’ at the bottom of that page, click on that
  • They might ask you a question or two for verification, but as soon as you confirm it, your account will be deleted permanently

Phone App

Since there are a lot of interface and usage differences between iPhones and Androids, usually people are looking for exact guides that can help them follow a precise process. However, mostly the guides are more or less similar, with only a few placements or chronological differences in the steps you have to take within a guide. This one is easy to follow on whichever phone you are using your app on.

  • On your main Reddit page in your phone, go to the user icon you see on the top and find ‘Settings’
  • Here you will find an option with ‘Help FAQ’ that will take you to another link and page
  • Once you are at the support page and they ask you about your query, just write and send ‘Delete My Account
  • It will give you multiple options to click, find and click on ‘How do I Deactivate My Account’
  • This will further give you a list, scroll and find ‘Deactivate’ here, put your account details for confirmation and finalize your process
  • Once everything is confirmed and it is done, you will see the notification ‘your account has been deactivated on your app

Let us know if this guide on how to delete Reddit account on iPhone, Android, and/or web browser was helpful and informative for you.