If you are a Snapchat user, you must have seen that when you send a snap to any of your friends, he saves the snap. Moreover, Snapchat also allows you to save chat messages in your inbox of Snapchat. Some people use this feature and save the messages. But some people do not like it that others save their snaps or messages. It is because they do not want their privacy to get violated.

If you are among such people and do not want others to keep your conversation safe on Snapchat, you must read this guide. It provides you with detailed information about how to delete Snapchat messages the other person saved. But, to understand it properly, you must know about Snapchat and how to use it.

Steps to Delete Snapchat Messages Saved by Another Person

Let us discuss some steps that help you delete Snapchat messages the other person saved in the chat:

Launch the App

First, you need to launch Snapchat and open messages. Find the one who saved your messages. Then, you have to open the chat of the person who saved your messages. If you are okay with the other person saving your chat, you do not need to proceed to the next step. But if you are annoyed with this act, you must move towards the next step.

Unsave Messages

When you open the chat of that specific person, you should unsave the chat from your end. For this purpose, you need to tap on the messages you need to unsave. When you hold the messages for more than two seconds, you will see a pop-up has appeared.

An option will be present there named “Unsave”. You need to click on that option and you are done unsaving them.

Delete the Entire Chat

If you do not want to keep your chat in the inbox of Snapchat, it would be best to delete the entire chat. You might not be aware of deleting the entire chat if you are new on Snapchat. But you do not need to worry about anything when we are there for you.

When you are concerned about deleting someone’s chat on Snapchat, you need to long-press the messages after confirming that the messages have been unsaved from your end. You will see four options are being displayed to you i.e. Save in Chat, Snap Reply, Copy and Delete.

You need to select the Delete option for deleting the chat. No doubt, the name of this option shows you need to press it for deleting messages. Thus, in this way you can erase all the messages from the chats of Snapchat.

Learn More Option

When you select on deleting your chat, another set of options is displayed on your screen. These options are Cancel, Learn More, and Delete. If you are so sure about deleting the chat, you should go for tapping on the Delete option.

But if you are confused in deleting your chat, it would be best to select the Learn More option. You will be introduced to a piece of short information about what happens when you delete a chat in Snapchat. It also explains that when you tap on the Delete option, your chat is deleted from the servers of Snapchat. Click on Okay after reading all the provided information.

Tap on Delete Option

After reading all the information regarding deleting messages on Snapchat, you should click on the Delete option. When you click on this option, all the messages from the desired chat will be deleted from the servers of Snapchat as well as from your chat.

You will see that there will be no single messages in the chatbox. You can avoid sending messages to people whom you do not want to save your messages or you can delete the messages again if they save the messages again.

Other Ways to Delete Snapchat Saved Messages

There are also some other methods that can let you delete the saved messages in Snapchat. Some of them have been mentioned below:

1. Use Third-Party Tool

You can use a third-party tool for deleting saved messages on Snapchat. For example, you can use Snap History Eraser. Such apps are enriched with many features and claim that all the Snapchat messages saved by another person will be deleted. But it is recommended not to use unauthorized applications where there are risks associated.

2. Block The Other Person

If you are annoyed with someone and delete all the messages saved in chat by that person, you can delete these messages by blocking that person. When you block him, he will not be able to save your messages anymore. Moreover, your chat will also be deleted in no time.


How to delete Snapchat Messages the other Person Saved?

You can delete Snapchat messages the other person saved by opening his chatbox, selecting a message, and hold it for some time until the pop-up appears. Select the Delete option to delete the saved messages.

Can you delete the entire chat in Snapchat?

Yes, you need to long-press your message and tap delete for deleting the entire chat in Snapchat.

How to stop someone from Saving your Messages on Snapchat?

You can block the person whom you do not want to save your messages. You can avoid sending messages to them. The chat is also deleted when you block the other person.


Are you using Snapchat? Are you new to Snapchat? Are you annoyed with people saving your messages in chat? If yes, this guide is for you. It provides you detailed information about some simple methods that help you delete the messages saved by another person on Snapchat. Let us tell you that the other person gets a notification when you delete a single message or delete the entire conversation. You can also block the other person for deleting the saved messages. You can also delete the saved messages by deleting your Snapchat account.

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