People often lose their AirPods, with or without the case, due to the small size of the accessory. This is why ‘how to find AirPod case with AirPods’ is a common online query. There are different scenarios that can take place here as well, including losing the AirPods, losing one of the AirPods, losing them while they’re in the case, or losing the case without the AirPods.

All these above scenarios have easy solutions to them if you follow the procedures. Looking up ‘how to find my AirPod case’ will provide you with multiple solutions you can try, but many of them are unreliable. Therefore, it is good to rely on the iPhone’s own features that enable you to find your devices and accessories.

Anyone can lose AirPods, whether they are in their case or not, it’s a common mishap to happen. Especially since they are used with a lot of physically active routines such as while running, at the gym, during your commute, or while you are busy delivering a presentation at your workplace. The ideal way to find them is to trace them back through Apple’s feature stated below.

Find My iPhone

Find My iPhone is a very commonly used app in situations like these, especially when looking for reliable solutions for lost devices or accessories. The only important or mandatory thing, in fact, is to make sure your device and the accessory are connected.

Often people don’t have their Find My iPhone feature set up in their iPhones. This can cause a bit of trouble for you if your phone needs to be connected with the devices you use with it, in order to track them through the phone. Here are different scenarios where you learn how to find your AirPod case using this feature.


In case you lost the AirPods separately or while they were in the case, you can follow this procedure to track or check their location through the Find my iPhone feature.

  1. Go to your Find my iPhone app on your phone, find the list of paired devices that you have previously used with the iPhone. This will only show accessories that have previously been used with your iPhone. If your AirPods were new, unused or you removed them as a paired device before this, you will not be able to find them here.
  2. In case everything goes as expected, you will find them as a paired device. Check to see if there is a green light showing beside the name ‘AirPods’. This indicates that your AirPods are within close range to be connected to your iPhone through Bluetooth.
  3. Simply play some loud music and increase the volume to its highest, enough for you to be able to hear it. If they are near enough, you will be able to hear and locate them from here easily. If not, it still has a car option you can click on to follow directions it gives you from your phone to where the AirPods are.

AirPod Case

One of the main parts of the procedure involves using music to hear where your AirPods might be. But if you lose just the AirPod case, the finding part might get tricky because you cannot play music on them without the AirPods. Although getting a new case alone is not that expensive, it is indeed an extra expense. You can get creative and get funky or other forms of cases that are now available to match your personality.

However, in case you don’t want the extra expense and want to find the lost one, you can follow this procedure. Here’s how to find lost AirPod case through the Find my iPhone app.

  1. Go to Find my iPhone app and find the list of paired devices again to spot the AirPods.
  2. If you find AirPods here, check to see the green light, it will again indicate that the case is near. Sometimes you are unable to track it if it’s not charged enough etc. but mostly you can do so, the same as you would for the AirPods.
  3. You can trace it with the location and direction option through the ‘car’ sign, without relying on playing music.
  4. In case it shows a grey light instead of green, that means your AirPods case is out of range or worse, dead. In case they’re not charged, all you can rely on is manually searching for them.

In case you simply do not see the ‘AirPods’ as a paired device in the app, this means the case is out of range and thus loses the Bluetooth connection. You might be able to find the last location when they were connected to your iPhone, but not the directions. Try going back to that location, and you might be able to remember and find it.

On your laptop device

Relying on your iPhone is how most of us make it work in professional as well as personal or social scenarios. We’ve come to depend on our phones due to how comfortably convenient it has made life for us, bringing close to every possible feature we might want to use, at the tip of our fingers.

Still, there are moments when you can have trouble with your phone. Whether you lost it, it’s broken, gone for repairs, not in use, or any other issue that means you cannot use the Find my iPhone app on your phone, you can still use it on a computer.

  1. Since Find My iPhone is an extension of Apple, you can pretty much use it on any Apple device where you can access your iCloud.
  2. In case you have multiple Ids, log in to the one that your AirPods were connected with. Insert your Apple Id and password on the laptop, or whichever device you are using now instead of your iPhone.
  3. After logging into Find my iPhone from iCloud, it will directly show you devices and accessories that were connected with it. If you don’t see a list, click on ‘All devices’ to move forward.
  4. Find ‘AirPods’ from the list and repeat the same steps you would when looking in the Find my iPhone app from your smartphone. 

That’s all for the different scenarios and ways in which you can look for your lost AirPods or its case. We hope this helps you learn how to find AirPod case with or without the AirPods, successfully. AirPods might not have been the most liked product when they were introduced, but we have grown used to them over time. A useful hack is to get a keychain ring for your AirPod case that helps you attach it with your bag, therefore keeping it near you at all times.