TikTok is a social media sensation these days, and it has been a while since it has been around. Although it is not as old as Facebook etc., it has taken over the social media market quite rapidly. A large part of the platform’s users are teenagers and youth but many adults are also using the app for their own form of entertainment.

Whether you are a new or an older user, anyone can require a little guidance on how to use the app. One of the common queries regarding its use is ‘how to find favorites on TikTok’, among many other similar ones regarding its features and how to utilize them. We will be answering this and other few common questions about TikTok in this article, including both the content you can make, music available to you, and other features.

How to find favorites on TikTok?

Browsing through content these days looks way different than it did over a few years ago. Now, there’s unlimited content no matter where you look, or which app you are using, and to complement it we have our shrinking attention span.

Even if our attention span is able to retain things well, there is just too much content out there to retain all of it on our own. Or even remember where you saw that video or heard that music you really liked because it gets lost in the hundreds of other videos and music that looks or sounds similar to the one you are looking for. Well, in terms of the TikTok app, there is a clear way to save and then find those saved items at a later time.

When you go to my profile or the main page on your TikTok profile, you can find details about your account, options for settings, etc. as well as the content you have posted on your TikTok. Along with that, you will find a little icon for bookmark/ribbon that is the logo for saved items on many social media sites.

This ribbon is where all your saved content will be. You can find everything you put a ribbon to remember later, over here. Favorites is a way to save things you like or find attractive on the site. Here you can find the video, music, or people you really liked or enjoyed and don’t want to lose track of on the app with the millions present. This is sometimes difficult for new users only because TikTok’s layout and the user interface are much different than other applications many use.

How to use the ‘favorite’ feature?

Finding the favorites you are able to save through the bookmark or flag feature is easy enough once you learn how to do it, now let’s find out how to put the things you like in ‘favorite’. It’s not the same for every different type of content available to you on the app. There are frames, filters, songs, music audios, videos, and people on the app that you might like or want to save, for either yourself or to use in your content.

To cover the basics of how to favorite something, let’s learn an easy way before getting into the specifics of each type of content. All you have to do is press a little longer on the content you want to favorite. After pressing for just a few seconds, you will see a pop-up or drop-down menu with a couple of options. It will give you a couple of options to save it or add it to favorites, and an additional option of ‘not interested’, just in case you long-press by mistake.

These options are not available for all videos you might see on the TikTok app. There is a selective option to a few, but you can try to check it with the videos you are interested in. The ‘save’ and ‘favorite’ options are quite different from each other, many confuse it with each other because other applications have the option to save in-app. But it is quite different here and will be elaborated further, after this section.


Since there are different types of content within your favorites, TikTok’s layout is good enough to adjust those different categories within your favorites. It even includes some hashtags within that category that you might want to track. With videos, it is the simplest to browse and save as you go. Your main ‘for you’ page or ‘fyp’ as many on the app call it, is filled with the content algorithm that finds the right content for you according to the interests you add at the start of setting up the app. And mainly, the question ‘how to find favorites on TikTok’ is about the videos. You can simply press on any video, get the options on the pop-up menu and add them to your favorite. Find that video under the flag on your account page next time you want to check it out.


We’ve all gone to Google, asking the poor search engine to find a song for us based on just two tunes of music we remember. Fortunately, with TikTok, you don’t have to go looking for the song separately at all. Whenever you like the audio on any video, whether it’s just music or a song, click on the round icon playing below all the rest of the options on a video. The circular icon, which is moving around and has musical icons coming out of it. Clicking on this will give you a list of options, same as it does when pressing on a video, you can choose to ‘favorite’ it from here. You will have to simply go to the saved in-app option from your account page, and go in the songs category.


With comments, you might not be able to save them in your app by ‘favoriting,’ as you might with other content. But you can still favorite or like comments that are too good to let them pass by.

In terms of finding the content separately categorized within your favorite things bookmarked, TikTok has it all covered. They have separate columns of categories from music, videos, and hashtags that you might be worthy of saving, all organized separately so as to make things easier for you.

Saves vs Favorites

Finally, the difference between Saves and Favorites in TikTok is a vital one. In many other social media applications, such as the very famous Instagram itself, the option to ‘save’ means whatever post you are saving, is being saved on the app. The same goes for the filters you might be saving for the stories etc. But the same option of ‘save’ in TikTok is to save the video on your device, instead of the application.

This difference is vital to know in between different apps, as it is easy to confuse users. Therefore, if you are interested enough to save videos for offline viewing or sharing, you can opt for the ‘save videos’ option to save the videos on your own device. Otherwise, you can just ‘favorite’ it and move along to get it saved on the app, access it whenever you like from the flag feature.

Is it worth it?

In terms of the application itself, there are many different opinions people have regarding its use and likability. There are different target markets that are attracted to the app, in different regions. The parent company for the app is ByteDance, which is a Chinese internet company. The Beijing-based application is made to be used in phones, but can also be accessed through desktops.

It is true that the app has something for everyone. Many users use it for educational purposes, such as for short educational content they might not be able to find elsewhere. This is something that TikTok has brought to the masses, easy and accessible content creation as well as access. There have been previous audio dubbing applications in the past, mainly named musical.ly or Dubsmash, but none of them have seen the stardom TikTok has. So they might be doing something right. Hopefully, you have learned how to find favorites on TikTok through this guide, and learned a little bit about the app, in terms of its usage. There are several other features and using methods that are confusing enough, let us know if you think of anything else that you would like to have guidance on.