OnlyFans is a content creation site for creators to develop and make money from their content via a subscription-based business model. Fans can subscribe to the platform for monthly subscriptions, as well as get exclusive content from their favorite creators through the tips and the pay-per-view feature on the platform. One con of the audience’s favorite platform is that it does not have a search feature, which makes finding people a little difficult.

This article will help you understand how to find people on OnlyFans through the platform’s own loopholes and from other sites as well. Find out some common queries regarding OnlyFans that make a lot of people curious.

Does OnlyFans work through paid subscription only?

Just like many platforms that work with a paid subscription model, OnlyFans also offers free and paid subscriptions to its users. A majority of the subscribers opt for the free version of the platform, which is open to all. You have to register on the site, and you will be eligible for all the content available on the site for free.

The paid version of the site works in a lot of different ways. You can either go for a monthly paid subscription, or you can go for an additional pay-per-view feature where you pay your favorite creators for any additional content that you can request from them. Apart from all this, OnlyFans also revolutionized subscription-based content creation through the ‘tips’ feature, which lets an individual ‘fan’ give their desired content creator any additional tips on top of the subscription fee, how it usually works in the service industry.

The platform defines its own business model as, “OnlyFans is a subscription social platform revolutionizing creator and fan relationships.” The platform has been hosting X-rated content for a long while, even announcing that they are banning all explicit content due to “banking partners and payout providers” but pulled out of the decision a few days before the date in October when it was due. For this reason of being inclusive of sex work, they have been dubbed as the “paywall of porn” by The New York Times in an earlier profile. 

OnlyFans is part of a very few unique platforms including Patreon, that allows creators to earn money through their payment model. This is probably why audience members are so fond of it, because the independence allowed to creators and entertainers, translates well into the services the platform is able to provide.

How to get OnlyFans for free?

Influencers, models, physical trainers, chefs, musicians, actors, and many other different types of artists use OnlyFans, on top of the large ratio of sex workers. This means the audience members on the platform are also very diverse, from free users to many paid users as well. This raises the question of how much content you can access via the unpaid part of the platform because a lot of users want to try the site before they commit to the paid version.

There are a lot of creators that offer OnlyFans Free, which is an account run by the creator themselves but remains public for fans of the creator to follow for any not-so-exclusive content available there. Fans of the creator can choose to follow the creator however they want, whether that’s paid or not. It does not cost anything to follow your favorite creator through their OnlyFans Free account.

Unlike the free account that has mostly public content, the paid account might be able to give you a much better experience of services by your favorite content creator. They have content not published before over at the paid account, in addition to several opportunities of customizable content creation that you can get done if you are able to request while they have an offer. In this way, you can experience both the free and paid options on the platform, according to your preference. 

How to find people on OnlyFans?

Onto answering the final query of the article, how to search for someone on OnlyFans. This is more complicated than people who don’t use the site can realize, because they are unaware of the no ‘search bar’ feature. For those who don’t know, OnlyFans does not have the search bar feature that most sites, platforms, and even applications have, where you put a username or sometimes someone’s common name to find a profile.

It is unclear yet why OnlyFans have chosen to keep this part of the platform as is, but many guess it is because many of the creators as well as users on the app do their work either anonymously or do not wish to be discovered on the mainstream even if they are not anonymous. But this means many users fail to be able to find people they are looking to follow for their content. Here’s how you can find people on OnlyFans without the search bar.

By Username

Since there is no search bar you can opt for, you have to go for technical loopholes to find people on OnlyFans. One of those loopholes is to find people via their profile link, which you can edit for practically any username or account. All you have to do is use ‘’ and in place of a username, you put the username of the account you are trying to follow. This goes without saying but for this method, you have to be aware of their username. This general OnlyFans link format will take you directly to the user’s profile.

If for example, the user’s name is ‘Sarah’ you can edit the URL link to ‘’ and find the user’s profile easily.

There is also another option that allows you to check whether someone has an OnlyFans account by checking their email address. What you can do is, try to register an account via their email address on the site. If you are successful in doing so, you can always immediately delete it, but if it says ‘this email is already taken/used, you will know the user has an OnlyFans account. It is a bit risky business because it might alert the person on their email about the registration in case they aren’t already registered on the site, so be warned about that before attempting this.

Without Username

In case you do not know of someone’s username, you can still find them through other websites and third-party platforms that work as search engines for OnlyFans. The internet is a wildly useful place now if you know where to look. It can help you find things that otherwise seem impossible to reach.

Onlyfinder is a platform/website that is very similar to a search engine for OnlyFans. It is very helpful in searching for people based on different things such as name and location as well. It has a different feature to look for people via their real name, and a different one to pin a location on the map, that allows you to find people based on location. Sometimes you know where a creator is from, but you cannot find their actual name or even username, that’s where this feature can be highly useful.

Another hack or loophole to find people is to look for links on their other social network handles. Not everyone is too discreet about their OnlyFans account, and they use their social media accounts to market and promote themselves, that’s where you can find links for their OnlyFans as well.

This concludes our guide on how to find people on OnlyFans. Try different ways if one does not help, starting with the creator’s other social handles, that might save you a long research trip.