Whether it’s just slight pixel damage or a broken laptop screen, if you are in the middle of an important task, it will stop you dead in your tracks. Fortunately, with some technical know-how and of course plenty of patience, you can repair a cracked laptop screen.

Precisely, when a laptop screen gets damaged, black spots might appear on the screen, discolored or weirdly colored pixels may appear, or your screen may go completely black. To resolve such issues, you can refer to this guide for fixing a broken laptop screen.

5 Shortcuts – How to Fix Cracked Computer Screen

Below is a list of techniques that you can use to fix broken or damaged laptop screens. You would want to try each of them to check which one works for you.

Restart your device

At times laptop screens see issues that can be easily resolved with a simple restart. It will resolve the glitches related to the operating system. Since it’s the simplest of all techniques, you should try this first.

Clean the keyboard

Another reason for your screen not working might be due to debris or dust that wandered into the keyboard. To deal with it, cleaning is the only solution.

Plug in an external screen/monitor

If your laptop blacks out completely, you can try connecting it with an external monitor. If the external screen also doesn’t show anything, your laptop might be asleep or turned off. Turn it off after you plugin.

Update video drivers

If your screen has prominent minor defects, updating your video drivers could resolve it. A malfunctioning driver could lead to this issue.

Untuck dead or stuck pixels

If your laptop screen shows stuck pixels, you can download apps dedicated to resolving pixel issues. These apps generate digital snow that forces the dead pixel to flow. As a result, you will find a perfectly working screen.

Change the screen

If your screen has colored bars or dark spots that means it has to be replaced with another one.

How to Fix a Broken LCD Panel

If your laptop’s LCD panel is broken and you have some prior experience with disassembling the laptop screens, you can fix the broken panel and install a new one with the help of the following guide.  

Things you need to have to fix broken laptop screen

  •  To begin the fixing process, you need to have a flat surface. It can be anything or anywhere you can sit or stand to work on your laptop screen.
  • For tools, you need to have a magnetic head small screwdriver. It will help the screw to stick to the head of the screwdriver so that it won’t disperse all over the place.
  • Secondly, you need to have a pin or something sharp to scratch the stickers hiding the screws on your laptop’s bezel.
  • To separate the bezel from the case, you need to have a thin object. Typically, fingernails can do this job pretty much easily. However, if you are using an object, make sure you are careful about it and don’t leave scratches.
  • Lastly, you will need a small container for keeping your screws safe in a single place.

Check for back screen connections

  • Before beginning the fixing process, make sure you unplug the laptop and remove its battery.
  • Find the hidden screws under the round stickers beneath the bezel. Typically, they are incorporated near the laptop hinge. Once you open the screen, you will find them at each corner of the screen.
  • Now, to remove the cover stickers, you will require that sharp object. Place it between the sticker and bezel and carefully take them out. Put the stickers in a safe bowl with a sticky side up so you can re-use them without losing their stickiness.
  •  It’s time to use that small-head magnetic screwdriver to remove the screws carefully. Bending the screen in the right position can make the removal process easier.
  • Remove the bezel completely and then gently put down the front side of the display and disconnect the cord. If your model is older than 2010 with fluorescent backlights LCD, it will probably have two wires. Disconnect both of them.
  • Now, refer to the company’s label for the model number and get a new LCD compatible with your laptop.
  • Once you get a new one, re-check if it matches the one you have removed. If the mounting brackets, connectors, and dimensions match, begin the installation by connecting

the newly purchased panel with the cable. Place it in the lid and finally fix it tightly using the screws.

Tip: It is always good to test the screen first by connecting the laptop’s cable with the newly installed LCD. Once it’s connected, place the laptop’s battery. If you find the screen working fine, then you can begin the bezel attachment process.

While the LCD changing is not a tough process, you need to have a slight experience with laptop handling and tools to conduct it. Also, make sure you get the right model for the replacement screen.

How to fix minor cracks on the laptop screen without replacing it?

If you are technophobic and want an easy-to-go solution to fix the crack on your laptop screen, then baking soda can be your savior. Make a thick paste of water and baking soda, then rub it with a light hand onto your screen. It will cover up the issue for a while.

How much does it cost to get your laptop screen fixed?

If you are doing it yourself, you will need a repairing tool kit which would cost you around $20 to $25. If the damage is from the inside, you might need to get a new screen which will cost you $80 to $200. However, if you own a Mac, you are screwed! A new screen will cost you a minimum of $600.

Can you fix a laptop’s LCD without changing it?

Unfortunately, you cannot fix a damaged LCD. If it’s severely damaged, you have to change it to a new one.

How to fix a cracked laptop screen?

If your laptop’s screen’s glass overlay gets cracked, you can change it with another one. However, for hp laptops, you have to buy the glass from a secondary market because hp does not sell just the glass.

Below is a list of techniques that you can use to fix broken or damaged laptop screens. You would want to try each of them to check which one works for you.