Sony allows users to use the same PlayStation Network account on two different PlayStation 4s, a feature designed so that users with two consoles – for example, in two different homes – can game share on PS4, manage the same list of friends, messaging, etc. without any complications.

How to game share on PS4?

Sharing between family or friends, and even the purchase of digital games between two users – popularly called shared accounts – since each one pays half the game and both enjoy these games.

There is a limitation when it comes to sharing accounts, and for that, we are going to differentiate between the main or secondary PS4 systems.

The account on the main console:

Each PSN account has a main system that enjoys certain advantages. If you play on this console and it is marked like this, the installed games can be played by other system accounts –from their accounts-, and even by the PS Plus service –online game-.

By default, the console with which you log in to PSN for the first time with the account is activated as primary.

An account on a secondary console:

With the same account, on a secondary console – that is, the one that is not marked as primary – you will continue to enjoy your games and services as long as we have this session started.

In this case, the rest of the console profiles will not be able to play the installed games – they will be marked with a padlock – only the owner. Besides, an online connection is required, and if it is lost we will have 15 more minutes of play for another check.

If you want a console with the PSN profile to be the main one, go to

  • Settings
  • Account Management
  • Activate as your main PS4
  • Activate

If there was another console with this PSN account, that one will become secondary.

How to share digital games on PS4?

The method for sharing digital games on PlayStation 4 is very simple, as well as being completely legal. Sony gives us in its console some features that many were undoubtedly unaware of and that will expand our gaming options.

Some ‘ingredients’ that we will need for this will be PlayStation 4 games in digital format, as well as two consoles, yours and of course that of your friend or family member. Of course, remember that for this we will need digital games to be previously downloaded.

  • Log in to your PlayStation Network account on your friend or family member’s console.
  • Access ‘Settings’
  • In the ‘Account Management’ menu choose ‘Activate as main PS4’

Once the console has your user as the main user, you will only have to download those games that your friend wants. Remember that you will not need to enter your profile again for him or her to be able to play since the title that you have downloaded will be perfectly visible for the rest of the profiles on the console.

How to stop sharing games on a PlayStation 4?

There are several points to take into consideration when sharing a PS4 game. This process should be carried out solely and exclusively with family or very close friends.

Remember that you are sharing your main PlayStation 4 profile with someone, so they can have access to it and all that it entails: online purchases, games, friends list, messages, etc.

If the time comes you want to stop sharing PS4 games with other users, you have several options to delete your main account from another console.

Remember that you should only share your account as the main one among family members or very close friends

In this way, if our friend or family member wishes to access our profile, they must enter the email/username, as well as the password, something that we should never share if we are not sure about it.

How many times can I share a PS4 game?

Your profile can be activated on as many consoles as you want. However, when starting the same game simultaneously, it can only be done on your PlayStation 4, as well as on a friend’s.

We must bear a very present fact and that is that if several friends or family try to start the same game; our profile/account will be blocked. It is for this reason, among others, that you should share your PS4 digital games only with those closest to you.