How to get Android messages on Mac?

If you wonder how to get Android messages on Mac, you will have to follow a few simple steps. Before you do anything, make sure that you are logged in to iCloud from your iPhone and your Mac as well. If you are not, then go to Settings in your iPhone, select iCloud, insert credentials and log in from your phone. Similarly, go to System Preference on your Mac, select iCloud, and sign in with the same credentials that you have used on your iPhone.

Once you are logged into your iCloud from both the devices, open iMessage on your Mac, go to Settings, and click ‘Message on your iPhone.’ Here you will see an option, ‘Text Messages Forwarding,’ select that.

As you will open it, you will see your Mac listed there. You will also see a slider. Swipe it green. Next, you’ll receive a message to enter a code, which will enable your Mac to receive and send iPhone messages.

Once you get the verification code, tap it in and wait for verification. Hurrah! The process is complete. Now you can receive Android texts on your Mac.

Moving forward, we will also have a look at how to send a message using Mac.

How to send a text message from Mac?

To get started with how to send android messages on Mac, first open iMessage on your Mac. If you are not signed in already, insert your credentials and log in to your account. Make sure that you use the same ID that you are using on your iPhone.

Once logged in successfully, click the new message icon and start typing a new message. Type the phone number or an email address of anyone you wish to contact in the ‘To’ field. However, if your contacts are synced with the Mac, then you can also click the ‘+’ sign and add your desired contact, instead of typing it out. After that, type out your message and send it. Your contact will receive your message via iMessage.

Note: it will only work if your contact has an iPhone. However, if your contact has an Android phone, here is how to do it.

By now we assume that your Mac is already set according to the given instructions under the heading, ‘how to get android messages on Mac?’ If it’s not, then refer to the instructions and first set your device. Once done, whenever you open iMessage again, you will be able to send your Android user friend messages via iMessage text.

Pro tip: If you want to know if the other person has an iPhone or Android, check the ‘To’ field. If the name appears blue, they have an iPhone and if the name appears green, they have an Android.

How to get android messages on Mac – FAQs

With the help of, you can easily access your Android messages from MAC. All you have to do is connect your phone with the webpage by scanning the QR code.
Open your Mac and simultaneously open settings in your iPhone, and go to text messages forwarding. Here you’ll see your MAC listed with a slider. Turn the slider green to allow Mac to receive and send text messages.
Download the iMessage application on your smartphone. It will help you to enable port forwarding on your device, so it connects directly with your smartphone. Open the installed app and insert your server’s credentials.
Before you touch any settings, confirm if you are logged into your iCloud account with the same credentials that you have used in your iPhone account. Next, open the Setting in your iPhone and turn the slider to green.
Use Message application, which is a text messaging software that you can use to send a text from your Mac to other Apple devices. Moreover, the app also helps iPhone users to send SMS and MMS to their friends.