The world has literally shrunk into a global village thanks to the advent of different social media platforms. These social media platforms keep updating them to compete and attract new users.

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms that keep on upgrading itself to attract new users as well as keep the current users connected and active.

Many different online applications introduced dark modes to help users reduce the fatigue in their eyes, such as Instagram but there is no Snapchat dark mode introduced by this popular social media platform to assist its users in order to reduce the added fatigue to the eyes while watching their favorite show or series late at night.

Did Snapchat introduce dark mode?

Yes, Snapchat did introduce a dark mode feature when no other social media apps did. It used to allow its users to adjust the colors of the interface of the app into dark shades instead of bright colors. This way it eased the eye fatigue and also helped in acing the battery.

Snapchat re-added it’s dark mode option to the app but unfortunately, it is still available in specific locations only. The introduction of the dark mode feature is still in its testing and the paradigm will finally be shifted soon, as said by the company’s head.

If you are in a country where Snapchat dark mode is unavailable but you want to try it, then read along and we will share with you the secret hacks and tricks to use Snapchat in dark mode even if it’s unavailable in your region.

First of all, we need to learn in detail what is meant by Snapchat dark mode? So read along!

What is a Snapchat dark mode?

Dark mode or the night mode is the name given to a feature in the app that will darken the backdrop of any picture or the main app and give you options to use a dark-colored palette only.

The dark mode is also known as night mode and bedtime mode. It is specially designed for the users who work or use phones late at night in the dark and end up causing restlessness as well as fatigue to the eyes.

Snapchat dark mode can be easily used on your cell phone at night as it will help you combat sleep disruption and excessive eye strain.

Unfortunately, this feature of Snapchat is still in its infancy and is not available in a lot of gadgets and locations. For instance, the Snapchat dark mode is unavailable on Android phones. It will just not appear in front of you on the main app.

If you want to check out Snapchat dark mode but do not have the feature on your official Snapchat app, then all you need to do is follow these simple steps mentioned below and you can also enjoy this mode like others.

How to get Snapchat dark mode?

It might be difficult to use a phone at night with a high level of brightness as it causes immense eye strain. A lot of apps provide toggleable choices for dark mode.

You can access the Snapchat dark mode easily on the iPhone but for Android users, it is a little bit complex but not very difficult.

Snapchat was launched back in 2011 and since then, it has shown remarkable improvement in terms of technology enhancement, new features additions, and making the interface easier and simpler to use. This strategy has attracted a large number of users, making it one of the most used social media platforms.

8 steps -How to use dark mode Snapchat on iPhone

Follow these steps to get Snapchat dark mode installed on your iPhone:

  • First of all, check out the location of your Snapchat profile. You need to see your profile photo which is located on the upper left side of your screen and tap on it.
  • Now, you also need to examine your options thoroughly by clicking the gear button of the app.
  • The gear button can be found at the bottom of the setup screen.
  • You can easily modify the appearance of your app here.
  • You will find light toggle buttons on Snapchat, which will help you turn on/off the light mode.
  • Always dark toggles of Snapchat will help you get the dark mode activated on your app screen.
  • Now Snapchat will use the screen setting of the screen of your iPhone if you want to alter them later.
  • Always select dark from the Snapchat menu if you want to use Snapchat in a dark mode. This will keep the app dim permanently.

7 steps -How to use dark mode Snapchat on Android

The method of using Snapchat dark mode on Android is a bit more involved as compared to the iPhone. Snapchat has not released the dark mode for Android phones officially. It is still in its beta testing and a trial is available right now in specific locations. Still, there is a possibility of using the dark mode. You will be able to use the dark mode of Snapchat on Android by enabling a dark mode on your phone by setting the Android settings.

Follow the instructions below to get a Snapchat dark mode on your Android phone.

  • First of all, you need to delegate the control settings to the developer of your Android phone.
  • Now you need to go to the setting and click on the Display from the menu
  • Turn on the Dark mode, this will immediately dim the screen of the Android phone
  • Now go back to the settings and select About Phone from the menu. The menu will appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on the build number button seven times when the software information opens up. Now you are in the development mode, which means that you are under construction mode.
  • This mode will enable you to implement a forced dark mode on the phone.
  • Snapchat will also appear in dark mode after this.

Is Snapchat dark mode officially available for its users?

The iOS app of Snapchat does come with a dark mode option, but it has been disabled by default when you download the app. You can always enable the dark mode from the settings of the app. This works fine on Apple gadgets but it will darken the screen of the phone while using the app.

As far as Android is concerned, Snapchat has not launched an official dark mode for its users. You cannot access a Snapchat dark mode on your Android phone but as written above, there are ways to access Snapchat dark mode on Android phones as well.

Benefits of Snapchat dark mode

Why would anyone want to use Snapchat in a dark mode? Why would anyone like the appearance of the app to go all dark? Well, there are various reasons why people choose to use the Snapchat app in the dark. Let’s have a look at some of the most common ones:

  • Snapchat dark mode will dim the screen’s light, which will lower your expenditure in the long run as it saves battery life and energy.
  • It conserves the battery power
  • It gives an excellent backdrop when the user is watching a movie or a show.
  • It doesn’t divert a user’s attention as the light of the screen will remain dim
  • It helps if you are reading something on the phone with the lights turned off.
  • It causes no strain on the eyes.

Can third party apps help in enabling Snapchat dark mode?

There are many third-party applications that can enable Snapchat dark mode on your phone. These apps will assist you in dimming the screen as well as avoiding exposure to blue light.

One of the most common of these third-party apps is Blue Light Filter. Even though the blue light filter app is not compatible with Snapchat, it can still assist in the reduction of the brightness of the phone’s screen.

The blue light filter app is actually a screen protector that, in reality, does not want any kind of relevance from the Android phone therefore, it can’t be of much help if you want to dim the lights of Snapchat. It can dim the lights of the Android phone’s settings which will automatically dim the lights of the snap chat app.

Final thoughts

There is absolutely no question about the popularity of Snapchat in the world of social media. There are a lot of Snapchat users who wait eagerly for the app to launch newer features. Snapchat dark mode is one of those features. While it is still unavailable for Android users, you can check our guide to use it on your Android device. We have penned down ways to enable Snapchat dark mode on your iPhone and Android phones in great detail in this article. Hopefully, this will help you when you next try to enable the dark mode of Snapchat on your phone. In case of any confusion, you can take help from this video guide.

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