Are you banned from tinder and are looking for a way – how to get unbanned from tinder? Well, you are at the right place. Read on to restart your dating journey to find the perfect match.

Offering a social platform of online dating, Tinder is an app very much popular amongst millions of regular users worldwide who are in pursuit of finding the perfect match for themselves.

While we have the genuine match-seekers enrolled on the app, there also exist many who are miscreants and tend to have enrolled on board for the sake of time passing, and who make such a platform a vulnerable arena in terms of privacy violation.  Hence, a set of stringent rules and policies is vital to maintain the ethical standard of the app, the quality of its functioning, and the preservation of consumer privacy, etc.

The rules of Tinder slightly vary from that of other social apps and so, if you don’t want to end up in hot waters and avoid getting debarred, it’s better you read the Tinder rulebook and get acquainted with the alternatives of how to get unbanned from Tinder.

Why Accounts Get Banned on Tinder

Adhering to user safety on priority grounds and as a general act of protection ensuring efficient use of the app, the violation of standard rules, terms, and conditions of Tinder comes along with zero tolerance resulting in the banning of accounts. Some of the core violations leading to blockage of accounts are:

False / Fake Account

This is one of the common threats to the app whereby fake profiles and accounts can pave a channel leading towards cyber-bullying, data hacking, etc. Tinder stands sensitive to such threats and hence you can end up seeing yourself banned under situational circumstances. Remember, fake profiles can also be reported.

Offensive Language

As a medium of communication, it is mandatory to observe decency in the exchange of words and avoid using language that may offend others. It can be abusive, racist, derogatory remarks that get you penalized. Avoid any such action.

Racist & Prejudiced Behavior

The app is a platform facilitating associations and hence, any act of divisiveness or hatred stands contrary to the manifesto and is most certainly intolerant. Adopting an attitude of tolerance and respecting each other’s gender, class, caste, religion, etc are the keys to enjoying uninterrupted account access and social interaction on the app site.

Homophobic Attitude

As an open platform for all gender types and communities, disrespecting the sexual preferences or interests of anyone also stands against the rules and violations of which can earn you exclusion from the site.


Messaging and texting someone over and over again while they are not interested or responsive towards you can be a cause of your account getting banned on grounds of suspicion. Likewise, copy-pasting the same text to multiple people can also bring you under suspicion and lead to warnings and eventually blocking.

Inappropriate Visual Content

Following a strict picture policy, Tinder does not favor or accept the visually inappropriate posting of content that shows too much of the bare skin or that is disturbing to viewers. It’s better to play safe and avoid posting or sharing any such pictorial content.

How to Get Yourself Unbanned From Tinder

If you are seeking approved ways to “how to get unbanned from tinder 2021” and win back your account, then the chances of being disappointed stand high. Without giving any false hopes, in simple words, it is either rare or not possible to get or win back a lost account.

Though the internet is thronging with many claimed hacks and black practices to help you win back your account, it is simply not possible to crack the banning algorithms, they are just a waste of time. In reality, it is a rare occurrence to have your account unbanned from Tinder which is why it is suggested to follow the legitimate way to be a part of the dating App again ensuring that you don’t end up being doomed once again.

1. The Review Case Situation

Currently, the app creators have not extended any specific formal procedure of legal appeal for the restoration of a banned Tinder account, but if your provided claims are convincing and are endorsed with authentic information, then the account restoration stands subject to the verdict of the competent support team. Results can take up to more than a month, so you just have to be patient. 

Contrarily, automated texts are sent to convey permanent banning of the account giving no way to pursue a second chance. Thus, caution is highly advised while using your account as an act of negligence can lead to the exclusion of an account even if it is a genuine one.

2. Fresh Account Creation

With all doors closed, and other than being lucky enough to be under the review committee and shining out as a winner, getting back on Tinder is simply and ONLY possible using everything new and creating a fresh account – nothing else!

Yes, that’s right. No matter how you applied on Tinder (via subscription, through credit card, Facebook details, phone number, Apple ID, etc) or no matter how loyally you used the app, once an account is banned everything stands null and void and simply not reusable.  Even the support team/channel does not cater to responding to banned accounts, hence, all the more difficult to address the issue. The success rate of getting unbanned on Tinder through official correspondence with the support team is almost zero and struggling is simply a waste of time.

Nevertheless, if you are still eager to make your way back on Tinder simply follow the steps below”

Step 1: Uninstall the App

Once your account is banned it is most certainly not retrievable; hence, all provided data stands useless and unacceptable, so uninstall the Tinder app from your device and start afresh.

Step 2: Fetch Yourself a New SIM / Phone Number

To get back on Tinder you require fresh details and for that, you need to apply for a new SIM card or number to register on.

Step 3: Generate a New Email ID

Set a task and create a new email ID using the new number and use it to get yourself verified for an account on Tinder.

Step 4: Use a Privacy Browser

To access the Tinder site this time around and to create a new account, you will be needing a private browser to help you surf through and achieve your goal. Suggested apps that you may use for this purpose are the Brave App or the DuckDuckGo or any other you deem better and feasible. Create an account with the new number and verify it using the text code received via SMS and you’re all set to be up on Tinder once again.


  1. Do not use already utilized pictures and content in your new Tinder account even if edited, modified, or by changing the file name – it is most certainly a way too big a risk to take on especially if you don’t want to be banned once again. In doing so you stand a risk of 50% – 60 % of being detected leading to account blocking once again on grounds of suspicion or spamming leading you back to square one.
  2. Avoid linking any previously used social media account with the new account. Remember everything needs to be different and you have to create a new Facebook or Instagram profile using the fresh credentials that match your new Tinder profile.