There can be several reasons that may trigger your interest to know about how to hide your phone number when calling. These reasons can range from not wanting your number to be public in a company’s database for future calls to surprising someone special, or to contact someone who might be avoiding your calls. Whatever your reason is, for wanting to block caller ID while making a call, we will provide you with tricks as to how to block your phone number when calling.

How to hide your phone number when calling?

*67 – The secret code

The quickest way to hide your phone number when calling is to use the code *67. This temporarily allows you to block singular calls and requires you to enter this code prior to each call made, which can be time-consuming and a little annoying,

This method involves no charges and the number would show up on the other end as a “Private” or “Blocked” number when you receive a call next time.

This trick will work for both iPhone and Android devices. It will automatically block your number by making an adjustment in your phone settings. This will allow you to hide your number for all the calls that you make.

Blocking the caller ID for all calls

If you want to block the caller ID for all calls on your iPhone or Android phone, we have got you covered.

To block a phone number on iPhone

First of all, go to Settings, and tap iPhone. Next, tap “Show My Caller ID”, and then tap the toggle switch to turn to enable or disable the option.

To block a phone number on Android

If you are using an Android phone, go to Menu and select Settings. Now, tap on Call Settings. Next, click Additional Settings, and then go to the Caller ID. Now, select the “Hide number” option to hide your number. Next time you make a call, your number will be hidden.

You can reverse this by selecting default settings.

There will be situations where the person you are trying to reach either keeps declining your call or has blocked hidden or private numbers. You can temporarily unblock your number by dialing *82 to check out the phone number of that person.

Call your carrier

Every device has a different layout for its ‘settings’ option and hence a different process for blocking your phone number, and it’s time-consuming just to block every call separately by using the first method mentioned in this article. This is where service providers can help you out.

If you are using a different phone, then you can ask your service provider to block all outgoing calls. Call your service provider and ask them to redirect your call to “customer support” or “technical support” to get the issue resolved.

You can still use *82 if your call is rejected. This step temporarily unblocks your number when trying to make a call at a number that blocks or doesn’t attend private calls.

Use a burner application

Another effective way to hide your phone number is to use a second number through a burner app. This app requires an internet connection to make calls, however, it will show some other digits, unlike the regular call.

There are many burner applications available for both IOS and Android phones. A burner application generates a secondary number, and calls are routed to it; hence, you don’t even have to hide your number. Due to intense competition among burner applications, you can get the best packages at a low rate. You can opt for a 7-day free trial of more than one application, and then decide later on for which one to pay.  You can get packages as low as $2 per week, including calls and text messages.

Take complete control

You should always keep a check on your privacy settings. You can use different dial codes. Following are the most common yet valid star codes.

  • Dial *57 to trace the number of the incoming call
  • Dial *60 to block a specific number
  • You can easily block your Caller ID by dialing *67, which hides your number when calling someone
  • Dial *69 to redial the last incoming call

Use these codes to your advantage. Save them on your phone or note them down in the diary, if you are using a landline.

Bottom line

It’s true that not everyone you call needs or should have your phone number, however, always be careful of not breaching someone else’s privacy by making unwanted calls just because the number you are calling them from is hidden.