Amazon interface can be complicated to navigate at first for new users who are just getting started. Many cannot figure out how to log out of Amazon and if you are one, then read on to find out the process.

Amazon has over 200 million users worldwide, so the firm does not take chances with its online presence. They already have an optimized website, but to make sure their products are accessible on all devices, their user interfaces on other devices are different. This is to provide a seamless experience to users no matter the device they are using.

Having your favorite shopping application on your phone is such a huge convenience because all of your desired products are a few clicks away. You can browse and look through products any time you want, place an order, return, put in a complaint and access any other information you require from your account.

The only issue that you may likely encounter is that as a user you cannot use multiple accounts through the app on your iPhone. Many social media apps offer this option but Amazon does not. Therefore, in order to use another account, you will need to log out from the one you are currently using. This is necessary for several situations, whether you have just one account on Amazon Prime or you want to check some information from the other account.

Nevertheless, for whatever reason you need to, you can follow the process below to log out your Amazon account on an iPhone:

  1. Make sure you remember your email associated with the account and the password so that you can log back in whenever you want
  2. Go to Amazon App in your iPhone

3. The main menu can be found in the bottom-right corner, instead of the top left like on the website. Click on the 3 lines icon to go to Main Menu

4. From the list on the main menu, go to ‘Settings’ at the bottom

5. Scroll down the settings list until you reach ‘Sign out’. Alternatively, you might find a ‘Switch Accounts’ option. It will let you log in to another account without having to go through the hassle of logging out.

6. When you press on the Sign Out button, you will get another pop-up question asking to confirm if you want to sign out. Click ‘Sign Out’ to continue

In case of signing in, if you are downloading the App on an iPhone different from the one you are putting the information in for, make sure the other device is close by. For first-time sign-ins, Amazon requires an OTP for confirmation to prevent unauthorized access.

Make sure you keep in mind that the above steps are for the process of using the Amazon app on an iPhone. In the case of any other device, such as a desktop browser, the procedure might look different.

You can, however, log out of your Amazon account through Safari or the web browser on your iPhone through the Amazon website. Just go to your account on the Amazon website through the browser, through the main menu list, scroll down and click on the ‘Sign Out’ option.