Thinking about making a mask at home, but don’t know how to do that? Wearing a homemade mask in public is not odd in any way. It may be useful in various ways, as in some areas there is a shortage of masks and you can fill the gap, at least by offering it to your friends and family.

Below are simple guidelines and tips to create one.

How to prepare

The process is simple. Take a piece of fabric and fold it from the bottom edge. Give it another fold from the top edge until you are satisfied that the fabric length is enough to cover your face. Now it’s time to tie the ends of the fabric with elastic and adjust it according to your head. Put it on your face and adjust the elastic to use comfortably again and again. 

Some useful tips

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before making a mask.

Make sure the mask fits perfectly and you can breathe easily.

Only wear the mask when necessary.

It can therefore also be useful to wear a mouth mask while shopping or at work when keeping a distance.

Sterilize the mouth mask at least once a day by washing it.