If you see the “Subscribe” button instead of the “Add Friends” option on a Snapchat profile, it might imply a variety of things, including that the profile has been made public or that the user has removed you.

If you want to know how to make your Snapchat a subscription with the subscribe button visible to everyone, you would need to meet a few requirements.

On Snapchat, when you access a user’s profile, the “Add Friends” option would appear, but that button would be replaced with “Subscribe” for those users with a large number of followers.

Even though Snapchat does not have a restriction on how many followers you need to have on your profile to have the Subscribe button option to display, you will be required to have at least 5000+ followers to get the choice to appear for the setup. In reality, this requires a minimum of 25000 views every Snapchat post.

To add the Subscribe button to your Snapchat profile, go to the Snapchat profile and then tap on the button ‘Add to Snap Map’, followed by the ‘Create Public Profile’ feature to make a new one. After you choose the ‘Edit Profile’ option and enter your information, you have established a new profile with a Subscribe button.

In this post, we will present the approach in detail on how to make your Snapchat a subscription, as well as other criteria and concerns that you can easily grasp from this article.

Why Subscribe instead of Add Friends?

Why Subscribe instead of Add Friend

Recently, Snapchat launched a subscription option to enable the users to connect to a larger group audience where you may share your photographs, stories and videos, through your profile.

When you wish to add someone into your friendlist or followers, you may see ‘Subscribe’ instead of  ‘Add Friends’ on Snapchat.

You may show the <5K Followers on your Snapchat profile; however, there are a few steps you must do to get the subscribers on Snapchat.

The most common reasons for displaying Subscribe rather than Add Friends are:

  • Someone you were friends with on Snapchat chooses to unfriend you for another reason.
  • Another possibility is that someone accepted your friend request but then removed you from their friend’s list after a few days or weeks. This is why you’ll see the ‘Subscribe’ button on his/her profile. It is just a low-cost strategic method of boosting their following.
  • The most legitimate of all the explanations is if your account is set up as a public one. If you want to keep the account public, Snapchat will display the ‘Subscribe’ option rather than the ‘Add friend’ option. People who wish to follow you must pay a membership fee if you make your account public.

Subscription on Snapchat: What is required?

Subscription on Snapchat what is required

The most recent Snapchat upgrade is the new ‘Public Profile’ function. This feature allows users to connect with a larger group of people.

You may also cooperate with other content providers and marketers. The more followers you have, the more popular you will be among users.

The following requirements must be met in order to utilize Snapchat’s subscription service.

To create a public profile, you may set all privacy options, including ‘Contact me’ and Notifications to ‘Everyone.’

You must meet the following conditions in order to have the Subscribe option on your Snapchat:

Before proceeding, ensure that your area supports that functionality; otherwise, use a VPN, clear data for Snapchat, and then re-login using ID while the VPN is switched on.

  • You have at least 400-1000 Snapchat followers.
  • Your Snapchat profile is at least 2 months old.
  • At least one bidirectional friend, i.e. one of your friends accepted the friend request from you and you have accepted theirs.

Once you have these amounts of followers, you may continue with setting up your account’s Subscription.

How to Get the Subscribe button on Snapchat?

How to Get the Subscribe button on Snapchat

You must make a few adjustments to your Snapchat account and establish a public Snapchat profile to access the ‘Subscribe’ option.

First, make it certain that you have a Snapchat app on your device with your account set up.

You need to do the following to create your public profile to have the Subscribe button:

  • Open the application and then tap on your snapchat profile icon that can be found at the top left corner.
  • Open your profile on the screen
  • Now tap on the ‘Settings’ that can be found at your screen’s top right corner.
  • Now scroll down and navigate to the privacy settings
  • Once you are into the privacy settings, change the settings to ‘Everyone to view’. This is going to make your snapchat account public.
  • Now go back to the panel of your profile and navigate to “Add to Snap Map
  • Here you will get the option to ‘Create Public Profile”. Tap on it.
  • You can edit your snapchat profile according to your requirements using the provided options. Do use the ‘Preview’ Profile option prior to creating your “Public Profile”.

The above are the basic steps to creating a public profile, however, you may be eligible for the subscribe button if you choose that choice. Your account now includes a ‘Subscribe’ option, which will be visible to other users but not to your Snapchat friends list.

Snapchat: Can you message a person you subscribed to?

Snapchat Can you message a person you subscribed to

The answer to this query is both ‘Yes’ and ‘No.’
The criterion for ‘Yes’ is that you may send messages to people who haven’t subscribed. The message will be delivered, however, the recipient will see it as a ‘pending’ message. To ensure that your message is sent in its entirety, you must subscribe to the Snapchat account from which you desire to send a message.

The above sentence also supports the argument for ‘No.’ Though your message will be sent, it will be shown as ‘Pending’ on their account until you subscribe to their account.

Important Things to Remember for Snapchat subscription

Important Things to Remember for Snapchat subscription
  • Underage- You cannot receive a Snapchat membership tag unless you are at least 18 years old.
  • Bidirectional friend- In order to get a Snapchat membership, you must have at least one bidirectional buddy.
  • You cannot acquire a Snapchat subscription if you established your account less than 24 hours ago.

Importance of Snapchat in 2022: Top 10 Benefits

1. Easy Social Networking Experience

Easy Social Networking Experience

Social networking is a great way for individuals to connect with each other and learn about products they’re interested in purchasing. As opposed to Facebook or Twitter, the atmosphere is more relaxed when using Snapchat. Having the opportunity to exchange a brief look in a way that seems personal helps people and companies establish stronger bonds. It’s a quick and easy approach for Millennials to establish their authority.

2. Geofilters

Snapchat Geofilters

Snapchat’s “geofilters” let users customize their filters based on the locations they visit. You may add amusing designs to each photograph when you’re in a specified region and activate the filter. Companies may even use their logo as a geofilter to help customers know when they’ve reached an area where your geofilter is allowed. When individuals talk about their products and services, businesses may get their name out there more widely.

3. Communicate directly with the companies

Communicate directly with the companies

Responding to a business’s Snapchat story or taking photos yourself enables consumers to engage with brands. Companies may also take over their own businesses. To be included in a promotion, several businesses need customers to take a picture of themselves holding a product they sell. With that, clients may become brand advocates while you give them something in exchange.

4. Know who has seen your snaps

Know who has seen your snap

You can see who has seen your snaps for the first time on Snapchat, which makes it a groundbreaking social networking tool. Because of this, internet “lurkers” can no longer hide when they look at your photographs. In addition, it offers you some data about your outreach from a commercial standpoint.

5. Create singular stories.

Create Snapchat singular stories

Snapchat’s most popular feature may be this choice. When you go to a large gathering, the platform will gather all of the photos taken by attendees. As a result, a single article with all of the pictures is created and made available to the general public. Instagram-like, but with the added bonus of seeing what other people are seeing in real time. Even if you’ve never met in person, it fosters a sense of community among users.

6. Commercial content is less interruptive.

Snapchat Commercial content is less interruptive

Occasionally, you’ll come across a post on Facebook that appears out of place. ‘Sponsored content,’ you notice as you round the corner. That ad is probably showing up in your inbox because you recently looked for a comparable product online or on your mobile phone. Snapchat is a platform that encourages individuals to seek out commercials since it’s so easy to do so. Through the app, images, videos, and trailers are all integrated into the user experience.   

7. Security of your privacy

Snapchat Security of your privacy

Snaps are deleted from the app after 10 seconds of being accessed. This restricts the public’s access to photographs that you might not want to share. After 30 days, even if the photographs are preserved on Snapchat’s servers, the material is no longer available. Even story-related screenshots vanish after 24 hours, despite the fact that users may capture pictures. Everything on this platform, then, is only ever going to be there for a short while.

8. It is easy to get started.

Snapchat It is easy to get started

Signing up for a Snapchat ID is as simple as creating an account on Twitter or any social media platform. Even your real name isn’t revealed on this site because of privacy concerns. You then share your ID with other individuals through different channels and platforms, making it easier for you to interact with others. In addition, the privacy settings can’t be ignored.

9. Content length is short

snpachat content

Snapchat’s movies are barely 10 seconds in length. As with the story, they are taken off 24 hours later. If you wish to save your videos for later use, you’ll need to download them to your phone first. Your material will not take much space on your tablet or phone, but the information you watch is brief enough to keep the typical consumer interested, even if they are distracted by other activities.

10. Discover Feature

Snapchat feature

Premium material from third-party publishers may be discovered through Discover. This feature also includes the material of the app’s team of journalists. The typical user visits the app 20 times a day and spends almost as much time on it as they do on Facebook, so posting content here is a great way to get your message out fast.


As you’ve seen, the only method to receive the subscribe button on your Snapchat profile is to first get enough followers to have a significant impact, and then utilize the public profile option to establish a new public profile that displays the Subscribe button instead of the Add friends button.

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