There are numerous people who don’t have a credit card or do not want to give up their credit card information nowadays for security reasons. For those who don’t have a credit card, or who don’t want to use their credit card on OnlyFans, there are a number of ways through which you can know “how to pay for OnlyFans without Credit Card.”

Before we move into the details of our topic, let us give a brief idea about OnlyFans to those who do not know what it is.

What is OnlyFans?

It is a London-based content-sharing website. It was founded by Timothy Stokely and has no official mobile applications. It may be used by creators to charge users for access to their content, including videos, images, and even one-on-one chats. The adult entertainment business uses it a lot. OnlyFans was called “the paywall of porn” by the New York Times in an article published at the beginning of 2019 that claimed the service had revolutionized the sex industry. However, it would not be known for that long.

Why did OnlyFans Prohibit Porn?

According to a statement released to the media, the UK-based corporation declared on August 19, 2021, that it will prohibit the publication of any material including sexually explicit content. They believed that they must adapt their content restrictions to maintain the long-term viability of the platform and a diverse and inclusive community of artists and viewers.

The service is not accessible on mobile app platforms such as iOS or Android since OnlyFans has hosted X-rated material. It was reported by Axios that OnlyFans was having trouble finding outside investors since it allowed content creators to submit sexual material on the site. If this is the case, OnlyFans’ decision to “clean up” in order to get financing is understandable.

Make sure to keep in mind that OnlyFans has previously tried to prohibit porn. OFTV, a new free streaming service that does not allow any sexually explicit content, was just introduced by the company. As a substitute, it makes use of 100+ independent artists’ original work. More than 800 videos ranging from fitness to cookery are presently available on OFTV’s streaming platform.

On August 25, 2021, OnlyFans declared through Twitter that it will no longer be attempting to block sexually explicit material this fall. In a Financial Times interview, OnlyFans CEO attributed the suspension to problems with its bank partners. Aside from being heavily criticized, OnlyFans was struck hard by the reaction from both subscribers and content producers, who pointed out how it employed sex workers to gain power, and then dumped those workers when it became too strong.

Who uses OnlyFans?

Not just sex workers, but a wide variety of artists utilize OnlyFans. OnlyFans is used by influencers, fitness professionals, actors, singers, and models to gain additional income. To get money from their followers on a monthly basis, they may use the pay-per-view option, as well as tips. For e.g., Blac Chyna charges $20 a month against the access to her OnlyFans page, while rapper Rubi Rose made $100,000 via OnlyFans in just two days by sharing Instagram photographs.

Bella Thorne, an actress, also claimed to have made over $2 million in a single week using the OnlyFans app.

Listed here are just a few of OnlyFans’ most noteworthy members:

  • Aaron Carter – Musician
  • Amber Rose – Internet personality
  • Bella Thorne – Actress
  • Bhad Bhabie – Internet personality
  • Blac Chyna – Reality TV star
  • Cardi B – Musician
  • Dorinda Medley – Reality TV star
  • Farrah Abraham – Reality TV star
  • Jordyn Woods – Internet personality
  • Larsa Pippen – TV personality
  • Tana Mongeau – Influencer
  • Tyga – Musician

How to use OnlyFans without Credit Cards?

Following are some of the effective methods through which you can view an OnlyFans profile without paying through your credit card. It is possible to use OnlyFans without entering your credit card information or even making a single payment.

1. Use of Virtual Credit Cards

Even if you have no plans to make a purchase, you are still required to provide a payment method on OnlyFans. In order to do this, you may acquire a free virtual credit card online, then add that virtual credit card to your OnlyFans account.

Most banks and non-bank financial institutions (NBFIs) provide free virtual credit cards (Non-Bank Financial Institutions). In most cases, they may be accessed through an app or a mobile wallet.

You can find a number of websites that can provide you with a virtual credit card to use for OnlyFans. You may use Gatsby or virtual cards to make purchases at Only Fans without having to use a credit card.

For OnlyFans, we recommend because of its superior level of safety and protection. The virtual card does work well with OnlyFans.

For subscriptions to OnlyFans, you may use a prepaid visa card instead of a virtual credit card if you cannot get one. Prepaid Visa cards are also accepted by OnlyFans.

2. Use an OnlyFans Viewer Tool

How to get OnlyFans for free? This tool is a way to get into any OnlyFans VIP account for free. To view videos on OnlyFans website, you don’t need to sign up or provide your credit card information.

All you need to do is to enter the username of the content creator from OnlyFans on the OnlyFans viewer tool and you will be available to see their content for free.

You can access the tool here. The job is done with the help of OnlyFans API Code.

OnlyFans Viewer is entirely safe to use. Many individuals adore it for a variety of reasons. The reason for this is because they want to see just the hottest and most exclusive footage of their favorite models and using this tool they can do so without providing a credit card number.

Viewing any OnlyFans Profile using OnlyFans Viewer

  1. You need to enter the username of the particular OnlyFans model (free or paid) and then click on the “Get Access” button.
  2. Complete the captcha code and click on “Start”.
  3. Now, wait for the tool so it can access and download the data for you.
  4. Click on the “Complete Verification” button.
  5. You can now enjoy the videos!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we need a credit card for Free OnlyFans?

Even for free accounts, you’ll need a credit card since OnlyFans want you to spend more money on their site overall, even if the particular account is free.

Can we follow someone on OnlyFans without a credit card payment?

Even if you follow a free OnlyFans account, OnlyFans asks you to provide your credit card information.

In order to follow anyone on OnlyFans without having to add a credit card, you may use a virtual credit card or prepaid Visa card.

It’s possible to follow on a free account after adding a virtual card, but videos and photographs will cost money to see. In order to use OnlyFans, you must provide your payment card information.

Is your card information visible to OnlyFans creators?

OnlyFans creators can only see your name on your profile, and they will not be able to view any information about your payment card. It’s safe to say that OnlyFans doesn’t save any credit card information since it employs a third-party payment system.

Your payment card details and email address will not be seen to anybody except the OnlyFans team. There are no worries regarding credit card security on Even if you subscribe to a creator, none of your personal information will be made available to them.

Is using a credit card safe on OnlyFans?

Using a credit card as a payment option on OnlyFans is entirely secure. Because OnlyFans employs a secure third-party payment service, your payment information is never saved at OnlyFans, and OnlyFans never sees your card data.

The One Time Verification Password (OTVP) is required to ensure the safety and security of payments.

How OnlyFans Transactions Appear on the Credit card statement?

It’s important to observe how OnlyFans purchases appear on credit and debit card bills if you’re concerned about privacy.

On your bank statements, the monthly subscription will be shown as “OnlyFans” or “” OnlyFans transactions might appear with an OF description instead, although the transaction will most likely be labeled as OnlyFans.

How can we subscribe to OnlyFans without using a credit card?

You may get a free virtual credit card from Gatsby and use it to buy a membership to OnlyFans without having to use your actual credit card.

Prepaid Visa cards are another option. You may use a prepaid visa card as a payment option on OnlyFans if you do not want to connect your credit card to your account. On OnlyFans, using a prepaid card to make purchases is a safe bet.

Free OnlyFans Accounts that do not require a credit card are listed here.

  1. Best Fitness influencer – Katelyn Runck
  2. Best for free meme content – Tana Mongeau
  3. Best free OnlyFans account in general – Daisy Dray
  4. Free funny page – Adeline Frost
  5. Short clips – Haley Brooks
  6. Themed videos – Molly Sims


This was all we had to tell you about how to pay for OnlyFans without a credit card. Using an OnlyFans viewer tool can help you access OnlyFans free of cost and without a credit card whereas a virtual Credit Card is an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to use their actual credit card on OnlyFans.

If you have any queries regarding OnlyFans, feel free to ask in the comments section below.