Snapchat is known for enabling its users to control their content and privacy. Surely, other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook also offer their users the power to post content selectively to their close acquaintances and friends. But, Snapchat took things a bit further. The reason why this app is incredibly popular with the young generation is because of its cool features like Snapscore, Best Friend’s emoji, filters, etc.

If you are new to this app or not a frequent user, then the question “how to permanently delete Snapchat conversations” will surely pop up in your mind. Surely, no one would want to send someone something that they are going to regret later and in this article, we will guide you on how to avoid such awkward situations.

How to delete Snapchat messages?

It is very simple to delete a Snapchat message. First, you have to log in, and then look at the lower-left side of the screen to find the “Chat” button. Then, select the contact to whom you have sent the message that you now like to erase. Press your finger on the message a little longer and click the “Delete” option when it appears. Confirm again by clicking the “Delete” button and voila!

How to permanently delete Snapchat conversations?

Now that you have learned how to delete a message, you may also want to know how to permanently delete Snapchat conversations and the process for this is also pretty simple. Reach your contacts by utilizing the above-mentioned steps. Then select the contact whose conversation you want to delete and long-press it. Click the “More” option when it appears. Choose the “Clear Conversation” option and click “Clear” again and you have finally succeeded in permanently deleting the Snapchat conversations.

How snaps can be automatically deleted?

After sending a snap, the delete option which appears after a long-press won’t be available. The reason behind this is because snaps are not like messages and after a specific time they automatically get deleted. However, you have the power to choose if your snap should be deleted after 24 hours or instantly after viewing.

To decide, follow the above-mentioned steps of long-pressing and clicking the “More” option on the contact. Then select “Delete Chats” and click the “After Viewing” button. After doing this, your snaps in that particular conversation would be set to instantly delete after the recipient views them.

How to delete the ‘saved’ messages from Snapchat can messages be deleted?

The main feature of Snapchat is that everything is temporary. Although, if you want to grasp some special conversations or memories, you can save the chats. You and your friend both can see if you have saved a message as that particular message turns grey showing that it has been saved. Contrary to the regular communication on Snapchat that expires after a day, these saved messages last forever.

However, you must be wondering what to do if you want to delete a saved message? The process is easy. By clearing that particular conversation, all saved chats will be automatically deleted. But, if clearing the whole conversation is not what you wish, then open the app and find the saved chat. Then, long-press on the message and select “Unsave in Chat.”

Delete all conversations

On some platforms, it is very difficult to collectively delete all conversations. Fortunately, Snapchat is not one of them. All of the Snapchat messages can be deleted at once by following a few simple steps.

Open the Snapchat application and go to your profile. Then look at the upper-right corner of the screen and press the “Settings” button. Scroll down the list and choose the “Clear Conversation” option. Then, tick “X” in front of all contacts and then choose the “Confirm” option when it pops up. This way you can delete all your conversations, but the saved messages will still not be deleted. Hope this answers the question of how to permanently delete Snapchat conversations.

How to recover deleted messages?

In case you accidentally delete all of your messages on Snapchat and wish to recover these messages later, then we must tell you the process wouldn’t be so simple. If the messages were saved, then they will continue to exist under that contact’s conversation. Otherwise, you will find a blank messaging list.

In that scenario, you can go to the website of Snapchat and try to download your data. After logging in to the website, click the “My Data” option and press the “Submit Request” button to further proceed. If you are lucky, then you would be able to revive all those messages, however, that’s not the case always.