With growing constantly evolving technology, your virtual identity has become as important as your physical identity. You are exposed and have become vulnerable to hackers and fraudsters on a daily basis.

Therefore, it is vital to protect your online identity. If you don’t know how to get started, you’ll find actionable ways in this article that will not only help you protect your data but will also keep you away from the evil eyes of cybercriminals.

How to protect personal data on the internet.

Use a strong password on your devices and online accounts

Our devices and online accounts contain most of our important personal data. If it gets into the wrong hands, you might get doomed. Thus, using strong passwords will not only keep your devices and accounts protected but also it will ensure that no one else can get unauthorized access.

Limit your social media activity

Social media sites have become a primary source of entertainment for the general public. The global community likes to share, comment, and see each other’s content. However, as we share our memorable moments on our walls, we also give access to unknown sources, to get into personal private space. This is like an open invitation to breach our privacy. This is why, whenever you are posting something on social sites, ensure your data such as bank details, your address, personal phone number, etc. are not available on public posts.

Don’t get into the trap of free Wi-Fi

WIFI is kind of a lifeline. Wherever we go today, our first question is: What is the password for the Wi-Fi? If you are lucky, you may find free WIFI as well. Avoid using public Wi-Fi hotspots.  As it is public Wi-Fi, anyone – who is sharing the same WIFI with you – can see your online activity without even letting you know. As this has become a growing concern, people are opting to use their mobile data rather than becoming a victim of the free WIFI trap.

Delete your unused accounts

You can create online accounts on different websites easily, but little do you realize that – by doing this – you are making your data available on multiple platforms.

Remember, if you have multiple accounts that you don’t use anymore, delete them. It will safeguard your data, and it will help to clear up unnecessary accounts.