Have you received an Amazon gift card lately and are wondering how to redeem the Amazon gift card to your account? This article will help you do that through different devices in a few simple steps. Amazon gift cards are a great choice of gift for many reasons, but many people still feel conflicted over whether a gift card itself is a good gift option.

The above sentiment comes from different personalities of people. Some people are really good decision makers. Their decisiveness helps them prioritize things. But similarly, there are people who are not very decisive and making a decision is hectic and frustrating for them, especially considering a gift for themselves. And that is what a gift is like, giving yourself a gift when someone else has already paid for it. But this pressure of buying the right thing can be rewarding once you come to make the decision, making the process worth it.

Regardless, if you have received an Amazon gift card, use one of the following methods to redeem your amount in your Amazon account:

Redeem your gift card using a web browser:


  • Find the relevant information on the back of your gift card after peeling off the sticker
  • On any computer, open a web browser of your choice
  • On the back of your card, you will also find a link address, https://amazon.com/redeem. Go to this link and sign in
  • Enter the relevant information from the back of the card to redeem


  • Instead of the direct link to the redeem page, go to Amazon’s website on your web browser.
  • Sign into your Amazon account and go directly to ‘Accounts and Lists’ from the main page
  • Press on the ‘Your Account’ option from here
  • Go to the ‘Gift cards’ box and then to ‘Redeem a gift card’
  • Put in the claim code on the back of the card
  • Confirm by clicking on ‘Apply to your balance’

Redeem your gift card using the Safari App:

  • The direct search browser on an iOS device is the Safari App. Open it
  • Go to Amazon.com and log in to your account.
  • Go to the main menu from the top left corner
  • Go to ‘Account’ from the menu list
  • You will find the ‘Manage gift card balance’ option here.
  • Put in the ‘claim code’ for your gift card where required.
  • You can also alternatively use the QR claim code if you don’t want to put it manually. Click on the ‘Scan claim code button’
  • Open your Camera app and place it directly over the code until the code gets recognized.
  • Confirm by clicking on ‘Apply to your balance’

Redeem your gift card using Amazon App:

  • If you don’t already have one, install the Amazon App on your mobile phone.
  • Log in to the account in which you want the amount to be redeemed.
  • From the same main menu icon, go to ‘Gift cards and Registry
  • Find the ‘Redeem a gift card’ button and click it
  • Repeat the same process of putting your claim code either manually or through the ‘Scan claim code’ option
  • Confirm translation by clicking on the ‘Apply to your balance’ button

This is all to answer any questions regarding how to redeem Amazon gift card. It is an easy process to go through once you thoroughly read the step-by-step process. Make sure you follow the right instructions considering your device as to not get confused and mix things up.