Instagram, one of the most popular social media apps, has a lot of features that make its user’s life easy, yet it might also endanger their privacy. Instagram has a built-in feature of remembering the details of your last log in. You might want to know how to remove a remembered account on Instagram if you are using a device that is not owned by you.

Sometimes this ability to remember the details turns out to be handy as you can log in to your account without filling in details every time you log in but it can create problems in some situations as well.

For instance, if your account is remembered on a certain device or a computer not owned by you, anyone can access your personal Instagram account just by clicking on the profile picture. This gives easy access to anyone who shares the device with you, an alarming privacy situation.

What is a Remembered Account on Instagram?

Instagram has a unique feature of remembering the login details of anyone who chooses to log into the app from a certain device. This feature is appreciated by many as it saves time and the hassle of writing down the login details every time you wish to use the application. You can log in your account very quickly, just by clicking on the profile with the already saved information.

All the remembered accounts on Instagram will appear on the account lists of Instagram, all you have to do is click on the profile icon and your Instagram account will log in itself.

Read along to learn how to remove the remembered account from your computer or desired device.

How to remove Remembered Accounts on Instagram?

If you want to remove a remembered account from your device, first of all, you need to turn off the save login option and then log out from your account.

You can do this by following these steps:

  • First of all, open the Instagram app on the device where you want to remove the remembered account from.
  • Now click on the profile icon which will take you directly to your profile page on Instagram. The profile icon is visible on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Three horizontal lines will appear on the top right side of the screen, this is the menu. You will have to click on it.
  • From the menu, click on Settings.
  • Now tap on the Security icon.
  • Once the security section is open, you need to find the saved login info icon and click on it.
  • There is a toggle in front of the saved login option, turn it off.
  • Once it is turned off, a confirmation message will pop up on your screen, click on remove.
  • After confirming, go back to the Settings menu.
  • Go all the way down to the Settings menu and click on “Log out – your username”
  • A confirmation pop-up will appear in front of you if you are sure about logging out of your Instagram account? Untick the option of “remember my login info” and click on Log out.

You have successfully logged out from your account now and if there are any other accounts logged in already from that particular device, Instagram will switch to any of them automatically.

After following these above-mentioned steps, you will be logged out from that particular account permanently. To log in again, you would have to re-enter your login details. Even though you have been logged out from that account, the profile will appear amongst the other profiles on the login screen, without the details. If you want to remove the profile icon from the login screen as well, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Once you have located the icon you want to remove from the profiles, tap at the dropdown icon option available at the top of your screen and then select “Add account.”
  • Now click on “Log in to existing account”
  • You will see three dots in front of the profile that you want to remove, just click on Remove from here.

This process will remove the profile from the login screen as well leaving nothing behind the remembered account on that particular device.

How to remove Remembered Accounts on Instagram on PC?

  • Here, we will jot down the steps which will assist you in removing remembered accounts from Instagram on PC.
  • First of all, open your browser and go to the website
  • Now, you will find a profile icon on the top ride side of the screen. You will tap on log out.
  • Once you have clicked on log out, the website will take you to a separate login page. Here you will find a button for Manage Accounts – click on it.
  • The list of remembered accounts on PC will appear in front of you.
  • You will have to tap on the cross icon which is right next to the account that you wish to remove from the PC.
  • After clicking at the cross, wait for a confirmation box to appear in front of you. Once that appears tap on the option Remove.
  • Once you have clicked on the Remove button, the account will be logged out and successfully removed from the said PC.

How to stop Instagram from saving the login details?

Instagram provides an option of saving the login details on your personalized devices but it is not mandatory to do so. If you wish to not save any information on Instagram regarding your login details, then you will have to follow the following steps:

  • First of all, open the Instagram app on your device
  • Now go to your personal profile
  • You will see three bars on the top-right side of the screen
  • Select “Settings”
  • Now scroll down all the way to “logins” and click on “log out”
  • Here you need to uncheck the “remember my login info” option and after that tap on “log out.”

Other ways of Removing Remembered Accounts on Instagram

Another easy way of removing a remembered account on Instagram is by changing the password of the said account. Once the password of the account is changed, this will also change the login details of that particular account.

As the login details will be different from the saved ones previously, the remembered account will be removed automatically.

Apart from the change of password, another way to remove a remembered account on Instagram is by removing the account details from all the devices which were used to log in.

This is a rather simple method of removing a remembered account on Instagram but it may cause some problems as the account will be removed from all the devices, even the one which you use to login frequently.

Can an Instagram Account be Remembered Again?

You can always make an account remembered again on your desired device. It is a very simple process that can be done by going into settings. You will have to choose the option of ‘Remember my login details in the settings.

From then onwards, Instagram will always remember the account again and you can choose to log in to that account without typing any details every time you want to log in.

Final Verdict

Even though it is very handy and useful to have a remembered account on Instagram as it saves you from the hassle of inputting the account details over and over again but it has its own cons attached with it as well. The device might get hacked or snatched away which will cause a risk of exposing crucial private details.

Therefore, to prevent such mishaps it is advised to remove the remembered account from Instagram. Hopefully, our guide on ‘how to remove a remembered account on Instagram’ helped you learn how you can remove your login information from unwanted devices. Check out our other guides on Instagram usage on our website, including; What is Picuki & How Does it Work? – Top Instagram Viewer Tools and How to delete one picture out of a carousel on Instagram.