Want to share your display with a friend or want to record what is playing on the screen of your Mac? Luckily Mac computers come with a screen recording feature, but it can be a bit tricky. It enables you to record the external audio along with the video but not the internal audios. Do you want to learn how to screen records on Mac? then you have landed on just the right article. Read it through and by the end, you will be able to record the screen of your mac like a pro.

There are many built-in apps like Apple’s DVD player, which can halt the process of screen recording.

How to screen record on Mac?

To record the screen on Mac; you have to use QuickTime Player, which is available for all macOS versions. For the most recent macOS versions such as Catalina and Mojave, you need to screen record from a separate app called “Screenshot”; which will let you record the screen of your Mac.

How to screen records on Mac Mojave or Catalina?

Follow the simple steps and your screen will start recording:

  • First, press the command button along with shift and 5, to open the Screenshot app.
  • Then at the bottom of your screen you will see a control bar option.
  • Next, utilize it to grab still screenshots of the display or you can use it to record a video of the displayed screen.
  • You can click on options to check out other options and select the one you want. Using these options, microphone can also be turned on and you can set a timer for the video recording and can select the location where you want the recording to be saved.
  • If you are planning to record the entire screen, then click on the tab that is shown on the screen with a solid outline. It has a small circle in the corner for you to recognize it.
  • If you plan to record a small section of your Mac screen, then click on the tab, which shows the screen with a dotted line having a small circle on the corner. Once you have clicked, a section of your screen will be highlighted for you to select the chosen area of the recording. You can easily resize the highlighted area as well as move it all over the screen.
  • Click “Record” whenever ready. If you are recording the whole screen, then clicking anywhere will start recording automatically.
  • The process to stop the recording is also very simple. You just have to push the Stop button from the menu, present at the right corner of the screen or you can press command plus control along with the ESC button at once.

How to screen record on Mac with QuickTime player?

Follow the simple steps to record the screen on Mac via QuickTime Player.

  • Open up the QuickTime Player.
  • Click on the File button, present at the top menu, and select the option of “New Screen Recording”.
  • A window will pop up in front of you named “Screen Recording”. Click on the arrow present next to the recording option which lets you enable the recording of the audio from the computer’s external microphone.
  • Now, click the red button to record.
  • If you desire to record the entire screen, then click anywhere on it.
  • You need to click and drag the cursor to create a window if a small section of the screen is needed to be recorded.
  • Once that section is made you need to click on the “Start recording” button present in the middle of the sectioned window.
  • Once you have recorded your video you can end it by clicking on the Stop button, present in the top menu bar, or simply by pressing the command button along with control and ESC.
  • At any given time, QuickTime will let you view the video you recorded and gives you an option to edit it.