Most of the people are concerned about the cost of drinks and wonder how to sneak alcohol on a Royal Caribbean cruise.

Often a few bottles of water or cans of cola in reasonable numbers for personal use can be taken in hand luggage. 

The disadvantage is that you have to carry the bottles/cans in your hand luggage yourself; this can be uncomfortable if you cannot go straight to your cabin to store them.

The policy for taking water and soft drinks on board differs greatly from one shipping company to another and Royal Caribbean Cruise is no exception. Most of the cruise ships follow a similar policy for bringing your drinks. The only good advice here is to check this policy in advance with the Royal Caribbean Cruise.

But when it comes to alcohol, almost no shipping company allows you to take it onboard for consumption on the ship. When embarking, your luggage goes through a scanner, just like it happens at airports. 

If you do have alcoholic drinks in your suitcase, they will sometimes be kept for you until the end of your journey; other shipping companies destroy the bottles with content, especially if the bottle is open or if the drink is not in the original bottle.

At the entrance of the ship your things will be scanned, you go through a detection gate and your bag will also be scanned. 

However, many people use different techniques to sneak alcohol. According to one source, travelers use various ways to take alcohol on board that too without getting caught. Some use, shampoo, mouthwash, or any reusable flask to hide it and take it with them. 

Most people try to hide it in an umbrella or handbag and get on board without getting caught. 

Major American shipping lines have a similar alcohol policy. Exceptions are with smaller shipping companies. 

We also notice that the policy has changed several times in recent years. Always ask the shipping company or your cruise advisor for the latest version of the alcohol policy.