Happiness is a state of mind and it is up to you to be happy in any situation. However, when we associate happiness with material things, we tend to stay unhappy, which causes stress. In our life, we desire a variety of things. But when we chase one thing, we are missing another. But what is the most important thing which cannot be lost? What can be the thing which can be left at a younger age so that we do not regret it when we are older? How can we make our life full, happy, and bright? By chasing a career? By having a healthy relationship, money, or entertainment?

All in our life, we run after many things and in the process fail to give proper attention to any of them. Acting like a squirrel in a wheel, we keep moving in our lives after things forgetting that we have limited time. How the society we live in perceive us becomes the most important thing in our life, but it is not something which gives us pleasure or can make us happy.

We think the most important thing in life is a career and money because that is the definition of success for most of us. We work to get the best position, the best place, and the best of everything but it takes our energy, time, and our youthfulness. When time fades away and we reach our old age, we realize that we haven’t enjoyed our life yet, and spent the whole life chasing dreams that were not worth it. This does not mean that one should quit the job and go on a journey without thinking about how to finance it. It simply means prioritizing things properly and paying more attention to things that make us happy.

If building a business makes you happy, then that’s your calling. Someone may find solace in farming, whereas there are people who put their family over everything else. All you need is to identify what makes you happy and focus on that one thing alone. Give that one thing more time – be it being with your loved one or spending time improving your sales.

If you wish to stay happy regardless of the situation, then always focus on the positive side of everything. For instance, if you are in a lockdown situation then consider it as an opportunity to spend time with your family or learning a new skill that you always wanted to. To remain happy and satisfied in your life, enjoy little things that make you happy and enable you to live your life peacefully. In the end, when you will look back you can only cherish the memories you have of the favorite things you have done.