Every day we receive an increased number of robocalls and marketing messages. It is scarce that we do not receive any call from someone who intends to sell you a product, offer you a better telephone than what you are currently using or provide some assistance regarding loans.

We are going to tell you how to stop Robocalls on iPhone.

First of all, you must bear in mind that many companies cannot call you at a certain time, and they can never do so on holidays or weekends.

The law is clear; you don’t have to receive communications if you don’t want to. So an interesting step is to sign up for the National Do Not Call Registry list. 

Signing up for the list is very simple as it will take very little time, and once done for a certain period you will not receive such calls. 

How to detect and stop robocalls

We recommend that you visit their website if you are tired of inopportune calls. If they keep bothering you, you can file a complaint.

Your mobile such as iPhone has several means to stop calls that do not interest you. Doing so is very simple, as easy as installing an app. You can check for recent calls, then go to more info and tap to block a specific number.

There are very useful apps such as TrueCaller, Robo Shield, Robo Killer, and more. You can get the full list by visiting this page.  These apps help you block incoming calls and can warn you as well. 

If the company that bothers you appears in the database of these apps, these apps will automatically block them. And thus, you can avoid picking up and subsequently blocking the number.