HBO Max is a fast-growing online streaming platform that is rising towards unmatchable popularity because of its unique content. HBO Max streams content that is popular among the masses as well as which great business in terms of does finances.

Everyone wants to access HBO Max. The question is how to stream HBO Max on Discord? Or is it even possible to stream HBO Max on Discord? Well, to be honest, you cannot stream HBO Max on Discord. Even if you tried, all you will be able to see will be a black screen.

Also, just for the information, it is illegal to stream HBO Max on Discord or any other streaming platform. The only way to stream HBO Max on Discord is by using third-party tools or extensions online such as Teleparty. There are so many security measures that make it more difficult for a person to watch anything on HBO Max online with friends or family.

If you want to organize a small online streaming party with your friends or family while watching a favorite episode of an HBO Max show, you need to go through quite some trouble before it will be possible. HBO Max does not offer anything on this design but there are some users who turn the streaming platforms into Discord.

Even though it is illegal to stream HBO Max on Discord but there are options available let’s have a look.

Why is it illegal to stream HBO Max on Discord?

It might be difficult for some users to digest that it is possible to get streaming material from one streaming provider such as HBO Max and then re-stream them on another streaming platform but it is not impossible. This might look like a lot of hassle but not strange. There will be times when you will be compelled to do so in order to enjoy some quality time with your friends or family – online.

For instance, if you want to watch anything with your close friends and discuss the scene while watching then it is mandatory to watch it in complete sync, for that you will need to use a streaming platform.

HBO Max is one of the most popular online content streaming platforms at the moment. Both HBO Max and Discord do not work together and are considered illegal. In simple words, copyrighted content cannot be streamed on Discord.

HBO Max does not allow screen recording, screenshotting, or any other activity which is termed illegal on the application. If any of these mentioned activities are performed, the screen will appear as black.

What is a Discord?

Discord are third parties that let you stream online videos, games, and a lot more. These third parties allow you to create different streaming sessions where you can add a number of people at one time and also stream legal content for a number of hours.

However, even on a Discord, a black screen will appear if you try to stream HBO Max, Netflix, or any other online streaming app. The reason is that these platforms have copyrighted content and Discord goes against their policy of illegal piracy.

How to stream HBO Max on Discord?

Let’s have a look at how to stream HBO Max on Discord without experiencing a black screen. This guide will solve your problem of a black screen and missing audio etc. Third-party tools like Teleparty make it easy to stream HBO Max on Discord. Let’s have a look at the steps which will help you watch HBO Max streaming content on Discord.

  • First and foremost, download and then install Discord on your computer.
  • After downloading the Discord, open the user settings.
  • Here you will see an option on the lower corner of the screen
  • Now, you need to scroll down and tap on the advanced button
  • Here, on the right side, there will be a hardware acceleration option which will be disabled. This option will ask you to relaunch Discord, click on the yes button, and relaunch it.
  • After you have successfully relaunched Discord again, you need to go to the user settings again and scroll down to tap on the activity status.
  • Now, on the right-hand side, tap on the Add it button which will give you the option of adding google chrome as a game to be watched on HBO Max through the same internet browser.
  • Now tap on ESC which will be on the top right-hand side just below the activity status.
  • After that, you have to go to the video channel which is at the bottom of the screen.
  • Here you will see that Google chrome will pop up as a game allowing you to stream whatever content you want from the browser.
  • Highlighting Google will help you here which will enable you to click on the stream Google chrome option.
  • Now, a new window will pop up on one end of the screen where you will have to click on Go Live.
  • Now, a small screen pop-up will appear on the inside of the video preview inside the web browser from which you are trying to broadcast or stream.
  • You might see that the screen is still appearing blank or black.
  • Open Google chrome and straight go to its settings.
  • Search for the option of hardware and here disable the option of “Use hardware acceleration when available”
  • Now you need to restart the Google chrome browser
  • After you have restarted the browser, you can see the video starts playing under the discord while the screen is being shared.
  • However, if the video still doesn’t play and you continue to see black or blank screens then you need to clean the cache of the browser as well as the cache of Discord.
  • Now finally, you will be able to share the HBO Max with your friends and family on Discord and enjoy the online streaming with them.

Can Discord use alternative software?

Discord is a unique online streaming platform that is designed for people who have mutual interests. It makes it easy to communicate with your loved ones and friends and makes it easy to hang out more easily and frequently.

It is also one of the most popular applications among the apps which are used for communication and socialization.

There are a lot of alternatives that can be used as a platform to serve as a streaming alternative.

We have jotted down the best alternatives to be used as Discord which you can use for communication and socializing on a daily basis. However, the only unfortunate aspect is that none of these online alternatives can be used for HBO Max streaming because of the copyright content.


Twitch is a live-streaming network specifically for players and all the other broadcasters for entertainment purposes. Twitch encourages creating groups for people with similar and common interests and passions.

The stream allows activities and games to be shared on different screens amongst members and followers where everyone can see and hear everything that is happening in the group.

However, Twitch doesn’t help you in streaming HBO Max or any other copyright content on different online streaming platforms.


Zoom is a platform which is a cloud-based video platform that lets you establish conferences, meetings, seminars, screenshotting, video and audio chats for multimedia content as well as other collaborative features.

Even though Zoom has a lot to offer to the streaming groups, it still cannot help in streaming HBO Max.


GoToMeeting is a renowned web-based screen sharing, meeting, and teleconferencing online platform. It allows all of its users to communicate with other users on the web. The users can be employers, coworkers, and consumers through the internet to discuss important aspects of networking and business.

The screen is allowed to be shared by this app but unfortunately, it cannot stream other online streaming platforms like HBO max, amazon prime, or Netflix.

All the online streaming platforms and sharing platforms got hype during the trying times of the coronavirus pandemic. When people were confined in their homes and there was not much to do. This physical separation from relatives, family members, friends, and colleagues led the world to discover and invent means to interact while being secluded from the outside.

This led to the videoconferencing platforms such as Zoom, GoToMeeting, and Discord. These apps devised very clever ideas for people to utilize these screen-sharing apps and stream them so that people can watch movies or their favorite shows together digitally while being confined in their own places miles away from each other.

These streaming applications were a ray of normalcy in these times of social distancing. Using services like Discord and zoom to watch online content together made the entertainment more enjoyable yet simple. Even though there are a lot of different platforms where you can catch interesting content, somehow HBO Max tops the list.

There are ways to watch HBO Max on Discord but this doesn’t falsify the fact that officially it is not allowed to stream HBO Max on Discord because of copyright issues and it remains illegal.