Netflix is an entertainment streaming platform where you have to buy a monthly subscription to become a member. This streaming service allows members to watch their favorite TV shows and movies without commercials in between. But most of you reading this might already know that, as the platform has more than 214 million subscribers worldwide. The platform also allows you to download the shows or movies into iOS, Android, and windows where you can watch them without internet access.

Along with a huge content library it also has multiple ways to enjoy the service for example; Netflix app on smartphones/tablets, Netflix for browser on smart TVs, gaming consoles, laptops, etc. As Netflix users are rapidly increasing, the service has launched its discord feature. You no longer need to watch movies at home alone, you can rather stream it on discord and watch with multiple others. Eventually, this brings the question of ‘how to stream Netflix on discord’. Keep reading the article to get your answers on everything to do with Netflix streaming on Discord.

What is Netflix on Discord?

Discord is a streaming platform that was originally used by gamers to stream their live games and connect with people online. It allows members to communicate with each other. Initially, when Discord was newly launched it had a viewer limit of 10, but eventually, the limit was raised to 50. Who thought watching movies virtually with your friends could be possible, let alone this fun but Discord and other streaming platforms like itself made it possible.

How to stream Netflix on discord with Sound?

Discord network was once used only by gaming folks. But over time cinephiles took over and claimed the platform to stream films and best TV shows. It had the perfect recipe for audio + video streaming, it just took a while for people to claim it. If you are wondering how it works with sound, here’s how.

Download Discord

The very first step to using Netflix on Discord is to download the Discord for web on your desktop. You can easily download it from their website at After it’s downloaded, all you have to do is sign in to get access to start streaming.

Stream Netflix on Discord

There are a few simple steps you need to do in order to access your Netflix through Discord. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Open Netflix through your web browser and log in to your account
  • On another search window, open your Discord account. While you are doing these steps for the first time, make sure your internet connection is seamless
  • Click on the Settings option on the bottom left corner on the Discord main page
  • From here click on the ‘Game Activity’ option available on the menu bar
  • Here, on top of your screen, you will have an ‘Add it’ option, click on that
  • It will give you options for your desired network to connect, choose Netflix from it
  • After the selection of network, you also have to select ‘Add Game’
  • Now, close the menu bar and go to the screen button
  • Select the browser windows or app you want to stream from here
  • You can manage your streaming settings according to your preferences, even apart from Netflix with friends
  • To start the streaming service, select the ‘Go Live’ option, make sure you are all prepared to be live
  • This will start your streaming, you can now enjoy the watch party streaming with your friends, chat or even talk while you stream. For a bigger view double-tap the screen to get the full view

How to get Netflix on Discord without a black screen?

Even with all the fun and pros of the platform, there is a problem with streaming Netflix on Discord that multiple people have come across. It’s the black screen. Often platforms that have a lot of live activity have this issue. Regardless, it can happen because of graphic drivers, and it’s not a permanent issue. There are a few steps you can follow to improve your Discord streaming performance.

Disable Hardware

Some common mistakes within Discord can be solved easily if you view the settings menu.

  • A common mishap that happens to be a cause of the black screen glitch that might be annoying you is the updating. If your Discord app is not updated, it often starts acting up, causing the site to glitch. Simply check if the app/site shows any update reminders, and update it before checking for other issues
  • Switch your Hardware acceleration off and then on again to restart. It helps your Discord find an adequate pace while you are on it
  • When you are streaming, make sure to turn off all the other running programs, so that your device does not exhaust itself
  • For an even smoother streaming experience, try cleaning the cache folder in your system, it’s often littered with unnecessary knick-knacks that take up storage and hinder the flow of a device
  • In case, the above-mentioned methods are not helpful, uninstall the Discord and re-install it once again, it will automatically install with the newest, updated version

Share your Netflix screen on Discord

Sometimes you might be facing a hindrance in showing your Netflix screen while streaming. But those are simple problems you can solve by a few probes in the settings here and there. As you know the platform allows you to communicate with your friends and community while you stream Netflix on Discord. That could sometimes be taking over your screen, you can put your screen on full view by double-pressing the screen. If you don’t see the screen sharing at all, simply click on the ‘Share screen’ option that appears on top of the screen and it will start streaming your screen to your viewers.

How to stream Netflix on Discord for Android?

The really unfortunate news for Android users is that Discord does not support video streaming for Android users. There’s no clear reason as to why, but it is unavailable as of yet. Android users can, however, opt for voice or video calls with their friends via discord. Here’s what you need to do.

  • Download the Discord app on your phone via the Play store
  • Create an account if you don’t already have one, or sign in to one
  • Then make a public or private server where you can connect with your friends via video/audio

A great option is joining the public groups which are really interesting if you find something you’re curious or passionate about, such as a particular director’s movies, etc. It also allows you to interact with and find many new people with similar interests as yours.

How to stream Netflix on discord for iPhone?

Unfortunately similar to Android there is no option to stream Netflix on Discord via your iPhone either. Even though there is no possibility to share a screen on Discord, you can video call and voice call your friends just the same. It provides a smooth and unbreakable connection to connect with friends. Follow the same steps you would in Android to get the Discord app on your phone, except you will need to download it via iPhone’s App Store. Log in or create an account, whichever is required. Hopefully in the future, Android and iPhone will get the stream feature for Discord on phone as well.

How to stream Netflix on Discord for Mac and Windows?

Streaming Netflix on Discord for Mac and Windows is incredibly easy, without any hindrances. Following are the steps you can begin with.

  • Open Netflix on the browser on your laptop or PC
  • Now open Discord on another window on the same device, make sure the internet connection is viable
  • Enable the ‘Game Activity’ option in the discord window that you can find in the settings
  • Find the option to ‘Add it’, and choose Netflix from it. Move on to ‘Add Game’
  • Before exiting from the current page, click on the main screen icon, when the ‘Share Screen’ option comes on top of the screen, click on it
  • Lastly, click on the ‘Go live’ option to begin the streaming with your friends on Mac or Windows

How to directly view something on Discord?

People often wonder if once you connect a network/video player, do you need to access the content from there whenever you want to use it on Discord. A great thing about this is that rather than opening the browser you can directly open the content you want to see on Discord. You can view them on any video player application you prefer. Add the player application in the ‘Game Activity’ menu. You will be all set to stream your favorite shows and movies from here directly.

What to do if there is an absence of audio on Discord?

After the common complaints about the black screen while streaming, users also have some complaints regarding the audio issue as well. Following are some solutions that can help you overcome the audio problem if it continues to be absent while you play any content.

  • Keep a check on your Discord server status first and foremost
  • Try restarting your computer once, sometimes the issue isn’t with Discord but your own device
  • Check the voice settings on Discord for issues
  • Try to use the Discord audio subsystem
  • Make sure you add the program to your Discord
  • Keep updating your audio driver routinely
  • Clean any Discord roaming data you can find and keep updating the site as soon as you see update notifications
  • Try temporarily disabling your antivirus to see if it might be blocking your audio
  • Once try reinstalling Discord as well, if nothing else seems to work. For alternatives, you can also send a query or complaint to Discord support.

What is Block Mirroring on Netflix?

The term block mirroring is used for privacy in many applications and sites. It’s when the administrator or owner places mirror blocking on one single thing but in multiple locations. It helps them protect their copyrighted products. Netflix, Apple Tv and Disney +, and many other such streaming platforms have chosen to enable mirror blocking to protect their content from unauthorized access to anybody.

This is all you can learn about How to stream Netflix on discord, including many other relevant questions that can help you understand the platform better. Be aware that it is illegal to stream Netflix on Discord due to its copyrighted content. Whether you are doing it on a legal website or not, it is illegal, because it allows users outside of its subscriber base to watch their content without paying a dime, all they have to do is to tune in while someone is streaming it.