Are you a new owner of a MacBook and are still trying to understand how this wonder machine works? It might take some time for you to grasp a full understanding of your MacBook. Among the several questions regarding usage, ‘how to take picture on MacBook?’ is a common one.

We advise you to take it one thing at a time and focus on just going about using it and eventually you’ll get a hang of every different thing you are confused about. Taking our own advice, we’re focusing on the method of taking a picture on Mac in this article.

It’s not too difficult to take a picture on Mac. Let’s take a look at the ways how to take a picture on Mac?

How to take Picture on MacBook?

There are two simple ways to take pictures on a Mac – either by using the photo booth application or by screenshotting.

We will try to discuss both how to take screenshots on Mac and how to take a picture on a Mac in detail in this guide through an easy-to-follow procedure.

How to take a Picture on Mac?

If you are in dire need of a picture, no matter the reason, whether it’s for a new profile pic on any of your social media handles or you want to send a picture to any of your loved ones living far away, it is convenient and easy to take a picture with the built-in camera on your MacBook. Here is how you can do it with ease:

  • First, you need to go to the photo booth application which is already installed on your Mac and is inside the application folder.
  • Now, whenever you are ready to take the picture, tap on the red button which represents the camera and start the countdown for your picture to be clicked.
  • The screen of your MacBook will go white once the photo booth application has taken the photo.
  • Now all you have to do is tap on the thumbnail of the picture that you have clicked and save it so you can share it with your loved ones, family, or friends.

What else can be done with a Photo booth?

The photo booth feature offers additional functions to ensure that you get the right-click, you can always disable the countdown timer or the white screen flash. In addition, You can always flip the picture if you like it in mirrored form. The photo booth app lets you add filters and effects to the pictures as well. It enables you to apply sepia or the black and white shade filter. It can also add visual effects such as stretch or fish eye – enabling the distorted image effect.

How to screenshot on Mac?

A screenshot can be taken for anything such as an image, of a data sheet for record-keeping, for work, or just to capture an interesting piece of content or information for later on your MacBook. There are three different ways you can do that, here’s how.

How to screenshot the whole screen?

For this method, you need to press Shift + Cmd/⌘ + 3 to capture the whole display as a screenshot on your Mac. You can easily view or use this screenshot from your desktop.

How to screenshot a Small Window on the Display Screen?

For the second method, you need to press Shift+cmd/⌘ + 4. After that, you need to press the space button and this will enable the position of the pointer into a camera. Now click on the window that you need to screenshot. The image taken as a screenshot is saved on the desktop and is available to be viewed later.

How to Screenshot a Section of your MacBook Screen?

You need to press Shift + Cmd/⌘ + 4. Once again you have to hold on to the mouse and drag it over the portion of the screen that you want to include in the screenshot.

Once you have dragged the whole area you want to screenshot, capture it by releasing the mouse. The screenshot now gets automatically saved on your desktop to be viewed or used later.

Screenshots from the MacBook can be easily molded into photographs and can be transformed into a digital memory book. You can always get them printed in hardcopy to keep them as a record for later viewing.

Final Verdict

If you are a new user of MacBook, you need to learn quite a few things in addition to ‘how to take picture on MacBook’ to get accustomed to your new laptop. It will take its own sweet time but once you have gotten used to it, you will absolutely love it and might even find other systems tardy. One of the many questions new Mac users ask is how to take a picture on MacBook. It is very easy and simple to capture an image on your MacBook and use it later to be shared with friends and family or just to keep it safe in your memories or record as explained through our guide. Take pictures on your MacBook now and be amazed by the picture quality – there is a reason why people choose to invest in a MacBook, as it is considered unparalleled among all laptop devices.

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