We can’t imagine a world without cell phones today. We depend on our phones to keep us connected and updated. With its ever-increasing use, users do face a few problems in which the storage issue is a major one and is of crucial importance. Storage of the cell phones gets fully occupied by user data mainly because of the photos and videos in the phone memory.

As a last resort to the storage problem, we have to transfer the photos from phone to computer. But how can you do that? Here are the ways to quickly transfer all the photos from your phone to your computer.

These are some of the easiest ways on how to transfer photos from phone to laptop. Try out these and stop overloading your phone’s storage.

1. Using USB cables

You can transfer the photos from your phone to the computer using a USB Cable. It is recommended to use the USB cable that comes with the phone and is compatible. Connect your phone to the laptop using a USB cable. Once you are done, a pop up will appear on your phone screen asking you to permit the data transfer.

Once you grant the permission, another window will appear, asking you to open the folders. These folders contain all your phone’s data.

Android phones are easier to use and are easily compatible with all laptops.

A tip: most android phones have images stored in the DCIM folder.

2. Airdrop

An airdrop is a software installed only on the devices that have iOS. Hence, it is possible for transferring photos from an iPhone to a Mac. The process is easy; first, you need to enable the Airdrop on both devices. Once it is switched on, now select the images from the photos app.

After selecting the photos, you have to click on the share button and then select Airdrop. Your available device will appear, tap on it, and the pictures will transfer in a blink of an eye. Remember to switch on your Bluetooth.

3. Transfer through Email

Emails are a faster way of sending photos from your phone to a laptop. Use the Gmail app only; you can easily send hundreds of photos at the same time. Start by opening the Gmail app and composing a new mail on your phone. In the new mail, click on attachments, and here select as many photos you want.

The next step is that it will enable you to access your pictures in a short time. In the sender’s email, add your email address. Click on the send button and wait for the images to arrive in your inbox. Once they are in the inbox, you can easily open gmail.com and access them.

4. SD card

Using an SD card for transferring the photos is another easy and simple way. You can use your phone’s SD card to transfer the photos to your computer. You will require a card reader for this if your laptop or computer doesn’t have it by default.

\You can use the same method to transfer files or photos from your computer to your phone.

5. Your Phone App Microsoft

It is an app present in Microsoft Windows; it easily connects your phone and laptop. You need to have Your Phone App on your phone and laptop. You will now have to set up the Your Phone App to work on your mobile device and link it with Windows 10. Sign in with your Microsoft account, then allow all the demanded permissions so the app will work with your phone. In the laptop setting, allow the app to show pictures.

Lastly, open the app, and the recent photos will appear on the screen. It transfers photos from laptop to phone and vice versa.

6. Bluetooth

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone and laptop and pair them with each other. In settings, go to Bluetooth and other devices and click on send files. Now, by clicking the browse options, select your file and hit finish. Accept the file on the receiving device, and it will be transferred in mere seconds.