The iPhone can be a bit hectic to get around in terms of settings and preferences if you have not used the system at all before. Additionally, this can also be the case when you upgrade your iPhone model and have to get used to all the new features. This article is focused on answering one of those preferences in settings questions and that is ‘how to turn off 5G’. Read more to learn all about how you can do it, which models it applies to and how to switch it to different services.

How to turn off 5G on iPhone 12?

People new to 5G as a service are not aware that you can enable and disable 5G on your iPhone as you wish, even switch it as you prefer. iPhone 12 was in fact the first model that introduced 5G connectivity within iPhones, therefore between all the models of iPhone 12 including iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max in addition to the basic model have the option to turn 5G on and off.

If your question is from any of these; how to turn off 5G on iPhone 12 mini, how to turn off 5G on iPhone 12 pro, how to turn off 5G on iPhone 12 pro max, then your answer lies in this question. Here’s how you can turn off 5G in your iPhone 12 no matter the edition.

  • In your iPhone, go to the Settings option to start with
  • Here you will find ‘Mobile’ and then ‘Mobile Data Options’, click on these options in succession
  • Here you will find a small list of options, select and click on ‘Voice and Data, as shown in the screenshot below as well
  • Selecting Voice and Data will show you all the options for mobile data you have. Here select either 4G or LTE depending on your choice or type of phone that enables either type of connectivity.
  • When you choose an alternative option, 5G will be disabled and whenever you turn data on, it will automatically work on your choice of connectivity
  • If your main concern with 5G is with battery life, especially during times when cannot recharge your battery, you can choose the option ‘5G Auto’ which allows your phone to use 5G speeds but switch to 4G or equivalent when your battery is lower than a standard
  • If you want to further customize your data settings go back in the menu to ‘Mobile Data Options’ and click on ‘Data Mode’
  • Here you will find further options that allow you to decide when you want to opt for 5G, set limits, and decide what to use when you have lower signals
  • 5G Auto and Standard are the respective options to opt for in your iPhone

If you want to turn 5G on your phone, similar settings as above work for the process, all you have to do is switch to 5G this time instead of another data option such as LTE or 4G.

How to turn off 5G on all other iPhone models?

If you were not already aware, iPhone 12 was the first model ever to introduce 5G enabling in iPhones. When it first launched in April of 2021, it was the first iPhone series, all four of the iPhone 12 variations, to have the option to use 5G. They allow you to turn it on and off in the settings app.

This means, older iPhones, no matter the model or year of release is not 5G enabled. Meaning you technically cannot use it on previous iPhones, nor can you therefore turn it off. Due to older or not advanced hardware features, any model before iPhone 12 does not have the option to opt for 5G. If you wish to turn off cellular activity altogether, you can do that via settings by turning on Airplane Mode. This will resolve your connectivity-related concerns if you want to disable them for a time.

All the iPhones to come after 12 are also enabled with 5G, thus you can follow the same process as above to disable it if you choose to do so. In any other case, follow these steps to find out which data connection your iPhone allows, if you have any model older than 12, and follow the respective steps to disable it as you go.

How to change 5G to LTE or 4G?

Apart from the intentional service connection choice, there’s nothing you need to specifically do for that as your phone has the ability to detect whenever the 5G signals are slow or down, it automatically switches to an alternative signal connection. Unlike the guide on ‘how to turn off 5G’ this one does not include any elaborate steps that you might need to take. Your iPhone automatically knows when to switch your data connection so you don’t have to manually.

However, if you still find that your 5G is working quite less than well and that you might have a much better connection with a lower-speed cellular service, you can also do so manually from settings. There are also restrictions here within many different phones, such as newer iPhones now not providing the option for 3G within your data connection, only 4G and above. Those only automatically go to 3G when 4G is having some issues in its performance or service. If you choose to do so within your settings all you have to do is go to ‘Mobile’ within your settings app, and in ‘Mobile Data Options’ from there. Here you can see ‘Voice & Data’ from where you can change your data preferences if you want to do so manually.

What can be the issues that ask to disable 5G?

Technically, the speed and fluency that 5G allows you are best suited in today’s fast-paced internet era, when transactions, news, and other personal, as well as professional activities, have become so easily accessible, they require such fast connection as well.

This means you are benefiting from using the 5G speed internet at all times, therefore there should not be a reason why you would want to disable it or switch over to other connections if you are getting the same reception from 5G. However, there are scenarios in which you would prefer to disable 5G in your phone, specific scenarios which do not necessarily allow you to use 5G speed at its best performance. Here are a few of those reasons.

  • Slow or bad 5G service and speed can be truly frustrating if you have experienced it. Either due to too many users in the area or any other technical issue with either your phone or the service provider, your phone could face slower or hinder 5G performance. In this case, it would make sense to disable 5G in your phone
  • Another reason for you to disable 5G at least for a while, is when you have a limited data plan or when you are reaching your monthly limit and are restricted with updates on the plan for the time being. In this case, you can at least temporarily disable your 5G and wait until you have an open or broader data plan. If you don’t disable 5G on your phone and continue to use it for larger internet downloads or content, you will have an expensive phone bill to pay at the end of the month
  • If your area has multiple 5G towers within a location, the signals can conflict with each other, making your mobile data connection either have distortion or disconnection even. Therefore, you can disable 5G at this point and use a lower connection as that might be more fruitful for you in the time being

This is everything you need to know about ‘how to turn off 5G’ in an iPhone, especially those in the range of 12 or afterward. Make sure you follow the guides as they are explained, and you will not find many other complications to contend with. You can use almost the same guide to turn 5G on in your iPhone too, all you will have to do is select a few different options within the steps you take. It will even allow you to customize your data settings, you can choose when and how you want to use the 5G service