To have a meaningful conversation with someone who thinks just like you is fun. Reddit is the platform that encourages such informative sessions. It has been ranked as the world’s 18th most famous platform for that. And indeed, it deserves that rank. It is a practical and the most easy-to-use website. However, you might need to block some people on the website if they spread violence and hate.

Blocking on Reddit is simple. The problem arises when you mistakenly block someone and want to unblock them. Therefore, we are here to answer the most popular query regarding Reddit, which is ‘how to unblock someone on Reddit’. Continue reading and you will know how to do that. Also, we have addressed some basic queries related to the website, so don’t miss that.

4 Easy ways: How to unblock someone on Reddit

After thorough research, we have come up with 4 ways to unblock someone on Reddit on 4 different interfaces. Let’s get started.

How to block and unblock someone on Reddit via desktop

Before starting the process, ensure you are signed in to your Reddit account.

  • Click the envelope like icon on the right corner on top of your laptop’s screen (beside the green alien icon)
  • Now select any message you two have exchanged previously (you and the person you want to unblock). Note that you can only block the account you interacted with via comments, messages, and mentions.
  • Below the conversation, find “block user” and click “yes” to confirm.
  • Now to unblock the user, head to the “User Setting” options.
  • Click “Safety and Privacy
  • After clicking, you will be able to see the list of Reddit users you have blocked.
  • Click on “Remove” to unblock.

How to unblock someone on Reddit’s new interface

Recently, Reddit has changed its user interface. It would be helpful to check how to unblock someone on Reddit’s new interface.

  • Since we expect you to be a registered Reddit user, just head to the website on your browser and log in to it.
  • Once you log in, check for the “Settings” option. You will probably find it at the corner of your screen.
  • After clicking that option, another label will appear. From that list, click on the messaging option. Once it is done, you will find the list of users you have blocked.
  • Finally, start unblocking the ones you want.

How to unblock someone on Reddit’s old interface

The following are the steps to unblock someone on Reddit’s old interface.

  • Head to Reddit’s website using your local browser.
  • Assuming you are a registered user, log in to your account by entering your credentials. Crosscheck if you have entered the right details.
  • Once you logged in, head to an option, prefs. This option will redirect you to other options.
  • There you will have an option “blocked”, click on it.
  • Finally, after clicking you will have the list of users you have blocked. Now select the ones you want to unblock.

How to block and unblock someone on Reddit via its app

Follow the steps below to learn the process:

  • Head to the Reddit app on your phone
  • Click on your profile photo on the left side’s top corner of your phone’s screen
  • Select “Settings” at the bottom of your screen.
  • Once you are in the “Settings” option, you will see your name there. Click on it.
  • Select blocked person’s information next.
  • Now scroll down to locate the option, “manage blocked accounts”. found it? Click.
  • Finally, you will see a list of all the users on Reddit you have blocked. Go ahead and unblock those you want to.


Below we have answered some of the frequently asked questions. Check them out, you might find them useful as well.

  1. Can block users see your posts on Reddit?

Unfortunately, you cannot block someone on Reddit from viewing or interacting with your posts. When you block someone on this website, you block yourself from viewing that person’s post. The other person can still check your posts.

  • Can you remove followers on Reddit?

You cannot stop someone from following you on Reddit. Note that, followers can only view your profile posts that appear on their homepage. They cannot view your normal posts. So, the following won’t harm anyone if you don’t do profile posts.

  • When should you block someone on Reddit?

Blocking does not require a strong reason. Any hurtful, hateful, or aggressive comment from someone could become a reason to block anyone.


A lot of good stuff happens on Reddit. People learn and grow their businesses on this platform. They share information regarding everything on this useful website to help out others. However, when so many people gather on one platform, discord happens. For that reason, people block users on Reddit. However, if you mistakenly block someone, try out the above-listed methods as they will help you unblock the blocked users. If you are still confused, get help from the Reddit help center.