If you have been using any Apple product for a while, you might realize that the security system in place is like no other. Gmail and Apple are considered to be some of the most secure systems due to their rigid security policies. This is also why we are often looking up how to unlock a stolen MacBook Pro, because people tend to make silly mistakes and lock themselves out of the system. Moreover, if you happen to come across any stolen MacBook Pro, then you may want to find its real owner but for this you need an answer to “How to unlock a stolen MacBook Pro?”

Being one of the most popular laptops in the world, the device holds its value in its functions. From businessmen to students alike, all prefer MacBooks due to its highly efficient system and functionality. Apple products have features that offer an interconnected world of its own and bring to you convenience and fluidity. This is the reason it is a preferred choice of many.

On top of that, the new features it keeps rolling out makes users even more loyal to the brand. Certainly, why would you need to switch when you are provided such a product. It is important to note that even with its heightened security and strict rules, the product is one of the most stolen laptop devices around the world. Whether it’s the value/price of the product or demand in the market that affects this rise in stolen MacBooks, the fact remains the same.

Inattentive nature makes people lose their valuables. Examples are when you leave your MacBook in your parked car unattended in a public space (only thing worse than leaving your dog in a parked car). But this is not a guide on how to protect your MacBook or not be cautious with it so it does not get stolen. It is a guide teaching how to claim your MacBook back in case you face an unfortunate incident.

The only thing worse than losing a valuable device that is a long-term investment for many people, is losing the data that the device has. From personal photos and memorabilia, important project documents to work and assignment-related files, all gone within a flash. In case any of your data was not backed up online and just on the hard drive, all of that precious data is now gone. Not only do you lose all of it, but your data might also be in dangerous hands because you do not know who the thief might be. Someone unknown and unreliable getting access to your data is extremely harmful especially in today’s age of digital advancements when that data can be used against you in many improbable ways

Apple’s security protocols help you track your device with their tracking apps that have built-in abilities to reach out to devices paired to the account. Apple’s security features are the most prominent feature about the brand that it continues to work upon. Once you use these features to access your laptop MacBook again, you can either track it down or use remote access to get rid of the data from reaching unsafe hands. Follow these steps in case you have some questions like ‘how to unlock a stolen MacBook Pro?’ among others:

Track a stolen MacBook:

If you have been using Apple products for a while, you might be aware of the Find My App. But if you are not aware, it’s not too late to get started. Find My App is basically a digital version of a tracking pin that helps you locate all your Apple devices without any hassle. You can easily locate your MacBook through Find My App.

The only mandatory aspect of it is that you need to use your Apple ID to login. Other than that, you can use the App on any other device, even on another computer. If you want to use your iPhone, it will be even more convenient for you. Search your device in the App, whenever your computer is open you will be able to access it.

Additionally, you have options such as marking the computer on the map that can help you locate the device and then reach it. In case you feel it is safe enough to reach out or take the chance to address the person who has it, you can send a message to appear on your MacBook screen.

This might not help your case in a situation such as intentional theft. Reaching out to the thief might make your case worse.

Access a stolen MacBook Pro using iCloud:

A very plausible alternate scenario is in case your laptop is continuously offline. In this scenario, you will not be able to find it through Find My App. It might even be locked to keep it away from being discovered.

To proceed on how to unlock and ultimately access your stolen MacBook Pro, you will need to make sure you do not unpair or remove the computer from your Find My App. You can request notification to whatever device you are using to track it down, and it will notify you when the computer is switched on. Once you are able to access it, you can remove all your data and even lock the MacBook through your ID.

Make sure you remember to not remove it from Find My App or none of these options will be able to help you find your device. Simply follow these steps to wipe your data remotely:

  • You need to access the iCloud website on any of the web browsers.
  • Put in your Apple ID and password to proceed.
  • You will immediately see the Find iPhone option after logging in, press it.
  • On top of the Find iPhone page you will have options to choose devices with the name of All Devices.
  • Choose the MacBook that you are looking for from this list.
  • In a small window in the corner, you will see the info for that device you just clicked on, press Erase (device name).
  • For confirmation, it will ask for your Apple ID password, enter the details.

This entire process is to help you erase all the data on your stolen Mac, so make sure you are aware before you go through the process. As soon as the computer is online, the process will go on and remove all the data.

In case you, fortunately, find your computer before the wiping process has happened, granted the device is not connected to the internet yet, there’s a way you can cancel the process. Use the following steps to cancel erase request:

  • You will need to use another device other than the stolen Mac.
  • Use the same cancellation process and were you selected, Erase Mac, select Stop Erase Request instead and you’re done.

Unlock a stolen MacBook pro:

Considering all the above steps go according to plan, you will be able to retrieve the stolen MacBook Pro easily. In case you are only able to access your computer and have not retrieved yet, the first thing you should do is use the remote access to lock your MacBook. Once you do that, no one can unlock it. Apple’s security features are meant to benefit and protect your interests using the device, no matter what they might be. When you lock the computer using that remote access the laptop is safe and not authorized for anyone else to unlock.

When you set up your details in case of using it in the future, it lets you decide on a safe password for later purposes. Once you get access to your MacBook remotely, you will need to use that password you set up with your Find My App because your device password is not going to work anymore. As soon as Mac realizes the device is in unauthorized hands, the device password does not hold as much importance anymore. On icloud.com you can use that password to unlock your Mac from wherever you are.

All you need to do is log in to your ID on the iCloud site, and go to the Devices menu to find the Mac you are looking for. You will find a button for the Unlock option over there. To proceed, enter the passcode you received and verify yourself by answering all the basic information it asks. Your Mac will be unlocked as soon as you are done and safe to use.

Unlock MacBook Pro without password:

Another frequently asked question we noticed was how to unlock your MacBook in case you have forgotten your own password. It is true, Apple’s security system is too tight and fool-proof to go around, but they do leave space for margin of errors.

There is a way you can reset your Mac and forget the old password that you cannot remember. In case you need to access some important files inside the computer, you can do so by this method even when you cannot remember the password. You can login to your Apple device through a method of Recovery Mode and your Apple ID password. Follow these steps:

Login ID

There is an option for FileVault encryption on Mac, if you have not enabled that, your user account in the device is synced with your Apple ID. Depending on different macOS versions, you can use your Apple ID to access your device without password:

  • On the main login screen of your Mac, choose your User account. In the password box, click on the question mark on the right, it will show you an option for Reset it using Apple ID, click the arrow beside this option.
  • It will take you to an Apple ID login page, enter your details for both.
  • You will be taken on a page to create your new password.

If you are farther away and do not remember your Apple ID or password, you can go to the Apple ID account website to find out. They give you a list of instructions that you can follow after you click on Forgot Apple ID or Password on the website. Find out your Apple ID and password first and then continue on the Mac recovery/unlocking process.

Lastly, remember that if you do not get an option to create a new password by following the above procedure after 3 attempts, it indicates that your User account was not synced or authorized you to reset your device’s password using the Apple ID.

1. Recovery Mode

In a similar situation, you can also use the Recovery mode method to unlock your Mac. It lets you reset your device password in order to get in, this is Apple’s way of making up for such rigid security features that sometimes even make the user go around to get in. Get started with these steps:

  • Restart your MacBook Pro and hold down the Command + R button until you see Apple’s logo.
  • Select Disk Utility, Continue and then Terminal in this exact sequence.
  • Write resetpassword in this exact way, all in lowercase letters without space and enter.
  • It will start off the password resetting tool, enabling you to reset the password for any accounts that are non-encrypted.
  • Enter the password, confirm by re-entering and add a hint for yourself.

2. Recovery Key

This is a situation different from both of the above. If you have FileVault encryption enabled in your Mac, you can use this method to reset your password. It also mandates that you have a Recovery key created to use this method. Follow these steps:

  • Restart your Mac, and on the User login page, choose the User account and for the password click on the question mark in the box.
  • You will see an option for Reset it using Recovery key, go for that.
  • Enter the Recovery Key you created when you enabled it, and follow the instructions it states to Reset your password.

These are all the ways you can use Apple’s own preset features to recover your stolen MacBook Pro and get access to it in case you have forgotten the password. There is a chance one or all of these do not work for you. But knowing these options might end up helping you or a friend.