Instagram is one of the most popular social media apps, as much part of the user’s routine as are the meals that they consume. However, there also comes a point where you find yourself faced with conversations on the app that you do not want to engage in. Seeing such messages can be a bummer, but there’s a feature that allows you to unread messages that you do not want to respond to at the moment.

This article will teach you how to unread messages on Instagram in a few quick easy steps. Instagram has become an addicting and somewhat important or necessary part of our lives at this point, with several people using it to promote and market their business or skills. Therefore, you cannot possibly stop using the app if you want to dodge a conversation, there are hundreds of other features that you might want to use. You can, however, do so easily by leaving a seen message unread and continuing your regular business as you want.

Before we start on our mini-guide in this article, we have some former guides and how-tos on ‘how to delete someones Instagram’ and ‘how to delete one picture out of multiple on Instagram[1] ’ that you can check out before you proceed. That being said, let’s look at how you can avoid talking to people you don’t want to. Also, check this video tutorial to get a better understanding.

How to unread messages on Instagram – Business

Before the guide starts, you should know that technically, according to Instagram features, you cannot unread messages with a personal account. Having a business account on Instagram allows you a lot of benefits and added features, and one of those amazing features is the ability to unread a message when you do not feel like responding to the person. Therefore, the guide you see below only works if you have a business category account on Instagram, whether that’s an actual business, organization, or an artist’s account.

Simultaneously, one thing you need to know about Instagram is that it is ever-evolving. Both according to the company’s own goals, as well as complaints or requests made by users. Thus, there is hope that Instagram might provide an unread feature for all types of different accounts. But for now, enjoy and learn from this guide on how you can unread a message with your business account.

  • Start by opening your Instagram app on your phone, make sure you are logged in. now click on the dm or private message icon on the top right corner
  • Here, find which chat it is that you want to unread messages from. It can be from either the Primary or General folder
  • After you have spotted the conversation, long-press or tap and hold on it so a smaller menu of options appears from below
  • Among these options you will be able to spot ‘Mark as Unread’ easily, click on that option, immediately after its done, a blue dot will appear on the chat, as it does when you have unread messages from someone

How to unread message on Instagram – Personal

As you already read above, you cannot unread messages with a personal account, as Instagram only has that feature as limited access to business accounts. However, there are always loopholes you can follow through, that can help you achieve similarly or at least part of the main goal you are going for.

For example, in this scenario, assuming all you want to do is avoid a possible conversation with someone whose message you have already opened. It’s a likely scenario, happens to the best of us, sometimes you just don’t have the mental capacity to respond. Therefore, one solution that you can use for a personal account that does not have the ‘unread messages’ feature, is to restrict the person sending you the message, at least temporarily. This will make the messages you have seen appear unread for the sender. Just keep in mind that if you want to message that user or respond to them again, you will have to un-restrict them first, which will take away the illusion of unread messages. This is all you can learn about how to unread messages on Instagram, hopefully, it will give you some peace of mind, and help avoid conversations you don’t want to be a part of.