If you frequently shop from Amazon, then you might know that it is not possible to use a Visa gift card. The company does not accept any other gift card during the checkout, so why have we written an article to answer: how to use a Visa gift card on Amazon? Certainly, there’s a way to get your Visa gift card accepted by Amazon.

Visa gift cards are considered excellent gifts because of their flexibility. You can use them to pay for approximately anything including gas, grocery, and much more. While we all know any Amazon gift card is only as good as the options you have on Amazon, so your choices to use it are restricted. The barrier of not being able to use cash on Amazon does not bother many people anymore, but it is still there.

To use your Visa gift card on Amazon, you have to ditch the standard procedure of applying for a gift card and instead use the card as any other credit or debit card. It does not count as trickery because your card does have money. Follow these simple steps to use the Visa gift card on Amazon and find an additional hack through which you can split your purchase between other payment methods and the gift card:

How to use a visa gift card on Amazon

  1. Activate the card:

  • Whether you bought the visa gift card or you got it from someone, it is important to make sure that the card is activated, which happens at the time of the sale. You receive a cardholder or a receipt of payment that confirms your purchase and activates the card. But in case you want to confirm, you can find a number on the back of your card. Call that number and confirm if it’s activated before using it.
  • Secondly, you need to identify the exact balance in the card because Amazon does not let you split the purchase amount except if you are making the purchase using an Amazon gift card. This is an important step in case you’ve used the card before or because of the activation fees deduction.

2. Load the card:

  •  This will require you to log in to your Amazon account either using any browser or Amazon’s mobile app.
  • Go to Your Account or Accounts and Lists from the main menu depending upon whether you are using it from your phone or web browser.

Load the card

Load the card

  • You will see an Amazon Gift Card heading, under that heading, click on Reload your balance.

Load the card

  • Besides some amount options, you will find the $ Enter and amount Enter your card balance there.
  • Below you will find a box to Add a card.

Load the card

  • This step will require you to enter all the card information you have including the name, which is whatever you have written in place of name, the card number, and expiration date all as exactly mentioned on the card.
  • For address, enter your personal address, even though the card does not mention one.
  • For your next purchase on Amazon, make sure you use that gift card option in your payment method, you can find it through the last four digits mentioned on the card. That’s all, your gift card is set up to use as you like, no reservations or pit stops, as the balance is already loaded. Make sure your purchase is exactly or under the amount you had on your card to avoid any hindrance.

3. Use it to buy an Amazon gift card:

This is not the third step as much as a hack to use the card in another way. You get gift cards as a way to use them where you like, and it is frustrating when you can not use it with another payment method or split the purchase amount. Therefore, there’s a simple hack that will answer your question: ‘how to use a Visa gift card on amazon.’ Yes, that is a genius way to use your gift card. Use the Visa gift card balance to buy an Amazon code or card. You can conveniently use that for any purchase alone or combined with another payment method.