Liga MX is a Mexican football league system. It is considered to be Mexico’s top professional league. The league is made up of 18 clubs. 

Further speculation is being made that two more teams could be added this season, taking the total to 20.

There are two major seasonal tournaments in the football league. One is conducted in the summers known as Apertura, while the other takes place in the winter and is referred to as Clausura.

The league is operated by the Mexican Football Federation. Many popular sports channels, such as Fox Sports and ESPN provide live coverage of the event.

A subscription channel launched by the name of fuboTV will stream the event live and you can watch the event for free. Fubo TV also broadcasts many other sports-related events.

León vs. Pumas UNAMOn the 21st of September 2020, we will see an important match between Leon and Pumas UNAM. Fans from all over the world who love football will want to join the live event on Monday.

Pumas are entering the game with a score (6-0-4) and have not lost a game yet. While Leon is coming in with a (6-3-1). Both teams are not out of the 4-point lead.

Both teams are notorious for having a strong defense strategy, and therefore not a very large score is expected from both the players. But the teams are still experienced and have made a lot of progress through the tournament. 

They’re thought to be headstrong, and therefore they’re going to put on quite a show for the spectators. The match is extremely unpredictable and will be a very long-awaited and invigorating sight for the football community around the world.