There are many stories of people from different walks of life whose life changed in one night. Well, not all of them are alleged criminals; many of them are lottery winners. Winning a jackpot prize in a lottery is not only based on luck, as you need to learn the correct strategy on how to win the prize.

However, there are a few tips given by former lottery winners on how to win a lottery. We will not only list those actionable and helpful tips, but we will also highlight some common FAQs related to winning a lottery as well.

Without further ado, let’s get on point.

How to win a lottery? – Tips are given by former lottery winners

Boost your chances of winning a lottery. However, before we start with the tips, we want you to know that applying these tips can boost your chances of winning a jackpot. But there is no 100% guarantee claim.

Buy more lottery tickets

If you want to make money, there is a simple rule, “money makes more money.” Although you may have to spend some extra bucks from your wallet to buy extra lottery tickets, it will boost your chances of winning. This is not what we claim, but it is a proven and successful trick by an Australian firm, who bought extra tickets and ended up winning a jackpot.

Make partnerships to buy multiple lottery tickets

They say if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go in a group. Similarly, if you want to boost your chances of winning a lottery, then form a lottery syndicate with other people. This way you will be able to pool an extra amount to buy extra tickets. However, if your group wins, you will have to distribute the share equally among all the lottery players. Well, this won’t be a major issue for you, as you would have become a millionaire by then.

Never choose consecutive numbers or the numbers falling in the same group

By the above statement, we mean that if you buy multiple lottery tickets, never go for numbers in a row, for example, 55, 56, 58, 59. Instead, choose numbers with huge differences, let’s say, if you choose 5 winning numbers, try choosing numbers between 104 and 176. This will boost your chances of winning as a study shows that around 70% of the winning numbers fall under the given range.

Focus on playing right and participate in the less common lottery games.

Playing right and participating in uncommon games mean that if you participate in the national lottery draw, there are fewer chances that you win, due to a huge number of players. However, if you join a local or state lottery game, your chances of winning rise.

Never trust software that claims to give the winning number

Many people fall victim to the online scam software and fraud that claim to provide you with a winning number. Remember that every number has an equal probability of being a winning number. However, choosing a unique number may slightly increase your chance of winning.

All in all, above we have given you the top 5 tips given by the experts and previous lottery winners. Whenever you plan to participate in a lottery game, do give this article a re-read and then plan your steps. Hopefully, you will become the next jackpot winner.

Moreover, before we conclude, let us answer a few of the commonly asked questions regarding how to win a lottery.

What are lottery payouts?

Lottery payouts are the sum of money that is collected from the sales of the tickets. For instance, if the lottery game sold its ticket for $ 2 million, but they kept the prize worth $1 million, the lottery payout, in this case, would be 50%.

Which US states keep the bigger payout for the jackpot winners?

A census in 2018 concluded that Americans win 64% of the lottery payouts. However, among all the states; Alaska, Hawaii, Nevada, Alabama, Utah, and Mississippi offer the biggest lottery payouts.

Which US states give away the least lottery payout?

Among all of the states, West Virginia being on the top, and Oregon and South Dakota following the lead, falls under the states with the least lottery payouts.

Last but not the least, we have also given a list of the States along with their payout percentages to help you make an informed decision when you decide to buy lottery tickets.

List of States and their lottery payout percentage

From Least lottery payouts to most lottery payouts

  • West Virginia: 16.97%
  • South Dakota: 20.37%
  • Oregon: 21.91%
  • Rhode Island: 30.10%
  • Delaware: 30.75%
  • Montana: 54.55%
  • New Mexico: 54.57%
  • Nebraska: 54.63%
  • New York: 56.10%
  • Louisiana: 56.88%
  • Oklahoma: 58.62%
  • Wyoming: 60.26%
  • Maryland: 61.13%
  • Iowa: 61.33%
  • New Jersey: 62.33%
  • Kansas: 62.39%
  • New Hampshire: 62.62%
  • Wisconsin: 64.03%
  • Missouri: 64.26%
  • California: 64.27%
  • Virginia: 64.78%
  • Illinois: 65.30%
  • Washington: 65.70%
  • Connecticut: 66.23%
  • Indiana: 67.37%
  • Kentucky: 67.49%
  • Ohio: 67.66%
  • Georgia: 67.69%
  • Colorado: 67.77%
  • North Carolina: 67.97%
  • Texas: 68.90%
  • Michigan: 68.96%
  • Minnesota: 69.04%
  • Florida: 69.38%
  • Tennessee: 69.59%
  • Maine: 70.01%
  • Pennsylvania: 70.12%
  • Vermont: 70.34%
  • South Carolina: 70.68%
  • Arizona: 70.82%
  • Arkansas: 72.51%
  • Massachusetts: 73.72%
  • North Dakota:74.95%
  • Idaho: 78.53%