Hundreds of vaccine appointments were cancelled across the USA as many people signed up for vaccination who were not eligible yet.  To get the COVID-19 vaccine shot, a person needs to show his eligibility by providing a pay stub or a doctor’s note stating that the vaccine administration is needed on an urgent basis due to a legitimate health risk.

In Pasadena, California, hundreds of people were told that their vaccination appointments have been cancelled because many people, who were not initially eligible, got the appointments instead.

Lisa Derderian, a spokesperson of the state has claimed that within the first hour, there were 900 people who wished to get vaccinated, but none of them was registered. She also claimed that an email was sent earlier to the selected individuals who were eligible, but today, there were more people than we had allotted, hence, we had to cancel the appointments.

The government and the state officials have provided all the guidelines. It is becoming more and more challenging to administer the vaccine according to the guidelines as the people who do not make the cut tried to get themselves vaccinated ahead of their turn, thus exhausting the staff.

The vaccine centres are authorized to verify these eligibility documents and then give an appointment for vaccination. But when an appointment is granted without verification, what happens? The process gets choked because of long lines of people to get themselves vaccinated; overwhelming the medical staff and the resources.

Hundreds of vaccines appointments have been cancelled due to this reason as many people were not eligible yet. The main goal is to vaccinate the population in batches.

A vaccine should be administered to senior citizens on priority. They are the most vulnerable community as they do not trust anyone, and because of scams, they are afraid to share information. There are many who miss their vaccinations because of missing data.

President Joe Biden announced that by the end of May, everyone could get themselves vaccinated according to their will but till then, they need to wait and abide by the guidelines. By May there will be an influx of vaccines that will be readily available for everyone regardless of their turn or eligibility.