People of New Orleans never thought to have a monstrous weekend when they were planning to visit Main Event Baton Rouge on Sunday. Governor Edward himself warned beforehand that they should remain prepared that they might experience hazardous Hurricanes that may affect their lives.

Hurricane Ida lashed New Orleans this Sunday morning taking out people’s breath with its howling sounds and heavy rainfall with freezing winds. There were two people with confirmed death reports where one was confirmed dead at his home by the tree that had fallen on his house in Prairieville, the Sheriff’s Office in the Ascension Parish confirmed the death on Facebook.

The Governor of the state pleaded to gather resources to combat the damages of furious hurricane Ida. He also stated that:

“it’s going to be a difficult life for quite some time.”

Due to Hurricane Ida, many state residents were facing power outages. New Orleans has become a heightened looting area after the extreme power outage.

Prowling and looting cases are continuously coming from Louisiana among the other prevailing fears from Ida across New Orleans. It was also reported that the herds of looters were spotted while they were robbing on the streets and the store and many were found emptying ATMs in St. Claude, Outskirts of New Orleans. It seems like the state has been awarded to the looters and nobody is there to rescue the state.

In the event of these incidents, the police stated that the thieves and the robbers have come out to perform much more criminal activities as they were waiting for the natural disaster to arrive and they’ll get the advantage.

Plus, the activities witnessed are much similar to the ones that they saw earlier when Katrina hit the state.

In a Press Conference last evening the Mayor of the New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell said in a statement that the New Orleans police have been deployed to initiate the crackdown against the looters and not a single excuse will stop them from hanging the culprits if they find accused of any other felony case along with these loots. She added: 

“My directive has been very clear: lock ‘em up. We will not tolerate it and we have not tolerated it.”

“There is no widespread looting going on in the city of New Orleans. What we do have that’s widespread are residents who are neighbors, who understand and exhibit the spirit of humility, of empathy, who are cleaning up their lawns, and who are servicing their community. That’s widespread in the city of New Orleans, that’s who we are.”

After the instant crackdown, the city is in a much more controlled state. It is reported that the police have made more than a dozen arrests involving theft and loots since then.

The police chief Shaun Ferguson requested the people of New Orleans to instantly inform the department if they spot any criminal activity for prompt action.

Ferguson stated:

“It is also incumbent upon the community to lean in and lean forward and say this is not the time. right now we are going through some trying times and we need to pull ourselves through this together”