Sometimes the best option for your requirement is not the most expensive option available out there. This is how we are going to start the Hyperx Cloud Stinger Review because the product demands a dramatic statement. So a dramatic first statement it shall get.

Headsets have become quite elemental to the overall computer experience, regardless of how you utilize the product. You can use it in a variety of ways. The innovative and advanced options available for you out there are limitless, from big brands to smaller lesser-known ones that are making quite feature-packed headsets. The HyperX headset we are going to be reviewing today might not be the best among those options, but it is one of the cheapest ones considering the features it offers.

HyperX Cloud Stinger Review

Gaming gear is not as niche as people might think now. HyperX Gaming, for example, has been manufacturing PC equipment since 2002 and the manufacturer has added countless products in the market. Over time, they have shifted from developing memory modules to manufacturing other internal and external PC equipment.

Their focus is divided in between quality, aesthetic, and reliability to superior performance in their products that keep their customers satisfied. Almost all gamers know about HyperX one way or the other. The company claims to be the top choice of technical equipment for top gamers, tech enthusiasts, and professionals looking for competent and reliable accessories for work.

Although made for any and every individual that requires these products, the company especially focuses on making the gaming experience better. By giving high-performance equipment that enhances the experience of users, the company makes sure its product stays on top of customer preference even if they are not entirely high-end. Their products now include memory, power, gaming headsets, mousepads, storage, eyewear, earbuds, microphones among other things.

Cloud Stinger Headset Family

The HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset is an affordable headset option and surely there are many others competing with it. You can get countless options like more advanced features than the HyperX Cloud Stinger Headset, but the main pro of this headset is its price. So if you are tight on budget and want something that gets the job done, then this is one device that we recommend – whether you are a gamer or a professional working from home.

There are different versions in the Cloud Stinger family of headsets apart from the basic one that you might prefer too. The Cloud Stinger Core (PC), Cloud Stinger Core (7.1), Cloud Stinger Core (Wireless + 7.1), Cloud Stinger (PC), Cloud Stinger S are a few of the many options that you can choose from. If you really prefer the HyperX company for your PC equipment, it will be beneficial to just read each ones’ specifications and decide for yourself. This review is specifically about the basic Cloud Stinger, so gear up for that.


ProductHyperX Cloud Stinger
Frame TypeOver the ears, steel sliders
Audio TypeStereo
SoftwareVirtual 7.1 surround sound via HyperX NGENUITY
MicrophoneUnidirectional, swipe/flip-to-mute
Bluetooth ConnectionNo
Wireless OptionCloud Stinger Core (Wireless + 7.1)
Frequency Range18-23,000Hz

Key Features


If reviews are to be believed coupled with our own testing, comfort is something that truly helps it stand out. The headset is quite inexpensive and while many prefer it, they expect the product to be below average in its service. But this one proves the users wrong by being extremely comfortable to wear even for longer use. And usually, gamers buy headsets for longer use.

The headset is incredibly lightweight with 90° rotating ear cups that are easy to turn the other way whenever you feel like it. They might not be the softest ones to cushion, but soft enough. The lightweight aspect helps keep the head and ears light during prolonged use. Often it seems to be the case that the headset is heavy enough to tire people out, but this one is light enough to stick by without irritating your head. A slight addition to that is the adjustable steel sliders. These are to make sure the headset is durable and comfortable to outstretch according to the user’s preference.

The rotatable ear cups make it easy to keep your ears at their comfort level too. If you find the vacuum too much, just move the ear cups to a flat horizontal position to give your ears some rest. According to HyperX, those ear cups are made of memory foam, but during our test we found this claim to be not entirely true. They seem to take a good amount of wear and tear too. So that’s something you might want to consider as a long-term solution.

Volume Control

The audio in the ear cups is driven by 50mm directional drivers to maintain a justified all-encompassing sound system within the headset. Additionally, the headset has pinpoint audio precision to make sure you listen to everything clearly enough, without distortion. This is convenient for anybody using the headset. Whether you need to concentrate in a professional meeting, are watching your favorite comfort comedy, or are in an intense game, you will find nothing comes in between you and your world of precise audio filling your ears.

Additionally, there is a volume control button on an ear cup that is either good or bad depending upon your opinion. We found it okay because it’s within reach and gets the job done. Others find it rather tedious and uncomfortable to have to use that button on the ear cup to adjust the volume.


If you attend video conferences rather frequently you might have a little problem with forgetting whether or not you muted yourself. There have been incidents that range from hilarity to humiliation over the course of the last year, and they’ve all taught us a good lesson.

Luckily for us, this HyperX headset has a swivel-to-mute noise-cancellation microphone – meaning you can just flip it to make sure you are muted. No more accidents of sharing your family gossiping to the entire class or with other gamers. We have all heard about or been the person in this incident. Imagine how much dignity could have been saved if you just had this swivel to mute the microphone.

But even when you do want it to work, it is a fine feature. The microphone has an in-built electret condenser that provides great sound quality, delivering a clear sound. It might make your voice sound nasal at times, but there is no major issue with the audio delivery.

Noise Isolation Ability

People have given biased views about the noise isolation ability. One thing about the company is that they are honest about what their product can, and cannot provide you with. They do not mention the noise cancellation ability that many headphones do. They create a vacuum of noise inside the ear cups that tends to keep all external and background noise out.

Completely blocking out the entire outside noise is not what this headset does, and HyperX conveys that to the users too. The ear cups on this device are comparably thinner than what other headsets have. This is why they have a rather weak noise isolation ability. They are pretty good with the noise they provide, and if you concentrate on that sound you might be able to drown out the outside sounds completely. But if you are relying on the headset alone to filter out the background noise, that might not be possible.


We know the uses for these high-definition headsets have diversified, but their initial manufacturing was done specifically with gaming individuals in mind. In fact, this one is manufactured under the official licensing program for PlayStation. It works fluently with PS4 and PS5 directly. This is important to mention in a Hyperx Cloud Stinger Review because gamers would want to know about this.

This is also why it is developed with a bass-emphasized sound system, making it especially great for more immersive games such as action and thriller games. The quality is not out of the world good, because this is still a cheap option for modern headsets. But it is pretty good considering the price you are paying for it. Many gamers, however, have complained how the bass emphasis is purposeful to make the cheaper headset stand out by way of powerful audio. While other more sharp and lighter sounds are not as precise or clear.

For this reason, this might not be the one, for music enthusiasts who like clarity and precision above all else, for every note, sound, and composition. For those who are not as specific, picky or demanding, this device might work. It’s a safe, cheap option to go for multiple uses. Lastly, the soundstage on this one is not scaled. If that is something of concern to you, this might be a glaring no-no.


Despite many pros in its favor, you have to remember that the product is a budget buy. And one thing about a budget buy is that it is not going to have everything you expect from a high-end product. It is a plastic base headset that should be expected to wear out occasionally with regular use. But it is still quite durable all things considered.

The headset is tough enough to last you a long time. The exterior is not as prone to breaking as you might think. The internal software that makes the sound and microphone work might not be as great though. The microphone is prone to malfunction and stops working after excessive use. But the definition of excessive use might vary from user to user. If this $50 headset lasts you even a year without any worry before breaking down, we’d say it’s a good budget buy. What else do you want from something that costs you as little as this? You get to use all the basic features fluently until they last you and if the system inside breaks then, it had a good ride.

The foam on the ear cups as mentioned before seems to not be memory foam. Contrary to what HyperX mentions on their website, in the product description. It bears imagining how good the headset might be if it had memory foam, and if the comfort level would be further enhanced. Regardless, the durability of those ear cups seems to drag out too, even with the fake leather covered over the not-memory foam.

This is the overall durability statistics on the headset, which to sum it up, is not that bad. It can work just fine if you treat it well, and use it for the basics that it provides you with. If a mishap happens before that, it might not be on the company, for example, they mention that the headset is not water-resistant, so if you spill water/drink on it, it is totally on you.


The compatibility of the headset is on average because it is not a wireless product, and does not have Bluetooth with the wired connection either. Often there is a Bluetooth connection, regardless of whether the product is wireless or not. This makes the product very accessible as you can use it with multiple other devices.

The compatibility aspect of this headset is restricted as it is reduced to its wired connection. Even though it is connected to gaming sets such as the Playstation, apart from that there is no other way to connect it to a device if you don’t have the round connection port. The 3.5mm port is a good connectivity point but it’s also very restrictive in today’s time. But this is not that much of an issue for gamers who are looking to connect this to their PC/laptops or gaming consoles.

  • Inexpensive
  • 90 degrees rotating ear cups
  • Swivel-to-mute microphone
  • Comfortable for prolonged use
  • Noise isolation ability
  • Headphone cable is short and isn’t detachable
  • Smaller soundstage
  • Ear cups are not made with memory foam

These pros and cons are to bring down the overall matter to a few bullet points to summarise the entire review for you. In reviews, people often forget or deliberately opt out of mentioning the faults of a product. But it does not help anybody, as this is a time of feedback and online reviews. Often people leave reviews for others to find out the reality behind a product rather than falling for just the specific pros.

This is to objectively consider the pros and cons beside each other so that you can clearly see what you will get if you pay $50. The above table is therefore good for you to see whether the pros matter more to you than what the cons take away. This is especially good for people who are budget conscious but do not want to compromise on their purchase decisions because of it.

Buy or Pass

At the end of the day, telling you whether this is a buy or pass would not matter if your requirements or priorities are not being met by this product or if you are one to make quick decisions with less thought put into it. The Hyperx Cloud Stinger Review concludes here, and the decision is up to you. You are the one who gets to decide whether or not you think this is a buy. Your decision should just reflect what you have learned through this review and any other objective ones that you might have read online. It’s a budget-friendly buddy, easy and convenient, with its drawbacks, you can now decide whatever you think is best for you.